101 english tweeting Women to follow from Europe


In spirit of the recent women2follow OR womentofollow (and also because today is followfriday) I give you “101 english tweeting Women to follow from Europe”. :)

Would you like to be listed as well? Only requirement is that you live in Europe, tweet 98% in english and don’t have a protected profile. Leave your twitter-url in the comments (and if your profile does not say which country you are from, please provide that as well).

Please help spread the word:


  • Sigridbnox / Clo Willaerts (1248 followers)
    Marketing Manager IBU at Sanoma Magazines Belgium. Organiser of Brussels Girl Geek Dinners.
  • Sigridrrradiogirrrl / Sigrid (542 followers)
    happy,internet addict,radio geeky, web 2.0 fan, reader, jr. product manager @ a Belgian television channel
  • Tamara Gielentamaragielen / Tamara Gielen (725 followers)
    Independent email marketing consultant


  • Henrietteredsoda / Henriette (262 followers)
    rebel extraordinaire at play
  • Karin Hoeghkarinhoegh / Karin Hoegh (656 followers)
    journalist, podcasting consultant
  • Annenorwegianne / Anne (32 followers)
    Norwegian abroad


  • Nicola Williamstripalong / Nicola Williams (110 followers)
    Lonely Planet author, travel writer, editorial consultant & foodie: blogs stuff not in my guides
  • CindyKingCindyKing / CindyKing (3103 followers)
    Cross-cultural marketer & international sales specialist, aligning cross-cultural offers for international sales thru copywriting to open international mark
  • Clotilde Dusoulierclotildenet / Clotilde Dusoulier (1012 followers)
  • Colette Balloucoletteballou / Colette Ballou (93 followers)


  • Nicole Fornaçonnicolemichele / Nicole Fornaçon (441 followers)
    American expat working for Oracle EMEA in Germany who loves social networking. Statements & opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Oracle
  • Ronna PorterRonna / Ronna Porter (887 followers)
    Compelling branding and international communications
  • Ruxandra Alexandruruxandraale / Ruxandra Alexandru (100 followers)
    psychologist in transition
  • Lori GroslandLoLoG / Lori Grosland (475 followers)
    You can take a girl out of Idaho, but you can’t take Idaho out of the girl…
  • ulrike_reinhardulrike_reinhard / ulrike_reinhard (248 followers)
  • Nicole SimonNicoleSimon / Nicole Simon (6732 followers)
    Lead author of the German Twitter book, a Social Media Strategist helping companies make biz in Germany / Europe, Founder GirlGeekDinner.de
  • Katharina Borchertlyssaslounge / Katharina Borchert (1286 followers)
  • Monique Ottertomoniq / Monique Otter (31 followers)
  • Ulla Hennigullahe / Ulla Hennig (287 followers)
    Responsible for the website of the UdK Berlin. Amateur photographer. photoblogger
  • Liron Tockerlirontocker / Liron Tocker (358 followers)
    Blue eyes, big mouth. Coffee? Graphic Designer. I draw stuff.
  • Claudia Rauchfrankfurtine / Claudia Rauch (242 followers)
    Girl Geek working for KDE, loves networking, geek stuff, cooking, fashion and Liverpool FC
  • Viktoria Trosienvik_t / Viktoria Trosien (339 followers)
    entrepreneurial and startup-ish…. running Tiburon-TV.com + CEO of a german soccer portal, more at www.vindoura.com/about/
  • Delphine Ménardnotafish / Delphine Ménard (280 followers)
    intercultural musings, always learning, consulting.


  • Pamela FayPamelaFay / Pamela Fay (39 followers)
    Business Etiquette and Business Performance Management Coach.
  • Krishna Dekrishnade / Krishna De (4194 followers)
    Founder PodCamp Ireland,Vice Chair Association for Coaching Ireland, social media speaker, author, blogger, podcaster,executive career personal brand consultant
  • Jackie PrendergastJaciPrendergast / Jackie Prendergast (18 followers)
    Jackie Prendergast HR&Mgt Consultant: Strategy/policy; Change mgt/Realignment, Outplacement & Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Employee Relations, I
  • Gita Malinovskagita_m / Gita Malinovska (199 followers)
    Co-founder of company Agile Technologies Ltd (http://agiletech.ie). Geek girl, loves testing, networking and social media
  • Sian Maloneygiftsandvoucher / Sian Maloney (376 followers)
    Managing Director of an online website that sells luxury gifts and vouchers on behalf of local Irish businesses and delivers anywhere in Ireland.
  • Miriam AhernMiriamAhern / Miriam Ahern (51 followers)
    Certified Management Consultant/Coach: Change Management. HR. OD. Business Network Management
  • michadalymichadaly / michadaly (152 followers)
    Communications Manager, Social Entrepreneur and Journalist
  • omahonydonnellyomahonydonnelly / omahonydonnelly (287 followers)
    Web Dev, Online Marketing, SEO from NY now living in rural Ireland
  • Alexia Golezlexia / Alexia Golez (741 followers)
    Limerick gal & blogger.
  • Marie BoranPixieVonDust / Marie Boran (792 followers)
    I write about technology stuffs on siliconrepublic.com and gadgetrepublic.com


  • ahuvah bergerahoova / ahuvah berger (1055 followers)
    former new yawkah living in israel spilling cawfee and <3 technology www.jerusalemwinterball.com
  • Yael BeeriYaelBeeri / Yael Beeri (705 followers)
    Business: marketing, copywriting, social media, Web 2.0. Pleasure: art, music, books, photography, movies, friends, family, food, alcohol, travel, cats.
  • Orli YakuelOrli / Orli Yakuel (4524 followers)
    Go2web20 Co-Founder. Visit my blog @ http://blog.go2web20.net


  • Amanda LorenzaniAmandaLorenzani / Amanda Lorenzani (1086 followers)
  • Megan FitzgeraldExpatCoach / Megan Fitzgerald (898 followers)
    Expat Career & Personal Branding Coach – Helping fellow expats to use their personal brand on and offline for professional & business success
  • Emma Birdemmabird / Emma Bird (198 followers)
    Writer and owner of www.howtoitaly.typepad.com


  • Marjolein HoekstraCleverClogs / Marjolein Hoekstra (1644 followers)
    RSS monger and OPML manipulator. Tags: custom search engines, firefox add-ons / scripts, online reputation management. Twitter radar http://sn.im/twitter_grazr
  • Jenniferjennalee / Jennifer (216 followers)
    New order PR Warrior, business angel, human being


  • Camilla Sandmancamillasandman / Camilla Sandman (32 followers)
    Norwegian at large
  • Alexandra Leissetroubalex / Alexandra Leisse (165 followers)
    Web Community Manager at Qt Software – among other things
  • Anne K Petterøeyojibee / Anne K Petterøe (851 followers)
    Having fun being a busy bee. ESME team member, SAP-Adobe Consultant, SAP Mentor, Sometimes Developer, Mac fangirl, Music & Fashion


  • alina_popescualina_popescu / alina_popescu (391 followers)
    Crazy about blogging, PR, marketing and photography


  • mariasipkamariasipka / mariasipka (601 followers)
    Aussie entrepreneur living in Barcelona obsessed with monetizing online communities and groups
  • danielaarensdanielaarens / danielaarens (224 followers)
    German living in Barcelona – Marketing & Community Manager at Linqia, see also @modcom


  • Luisa Carbonelliluisac / Luisa Carbonelli (27 followers)


  • DaniaGerhardtDaniaGerhardt / DaniaGerhardt (90 followers)
  • Carole Hofmannshyne / Carole Hofmann (273 followers)
    Entrepreneur, psychologist and social network strategy consultant.
  • Donna Jackson /wiseqwisequeen / Donna Jackson /wiseq (1859 followers)
    Intercultural Trainer, Soc communications evangelist/ specialist, blogger, writer, independent lifesyle coach, http://www.wineloversworld.blogspot.com
  • Danniedannie / Dannie (213 followers)
    intense, ambiguous, degenerate and knotted. dual citizen of bosonia and fermionia.
  • ClaudiaFaltysBenassiclaudiafalt / ClaudiaFaltysBenassi (189 followers)
    e-/marketing, B2B, new communication technologies, teaching e-marketing to swiss tourism pros, French, Italian, English. Mobile business sol. www.sosoftware.com
  • Stephanie Boothstephtara / Stephanie Booth (2232 followers)
    Anglo-Swiss, blogging consulant, loves her Indian cat. I don’t get Twitter on my mobile. Text +41786254474 instead.


  • vikkispencevikkispence / vikkispence (67 followers)
    About me for Twitter? I’m Ewan Spence’s long-suffering wife :P
  • Katy Howellkatyhowell / Katy Howell (578 followers)
    Obsessive online PR with intermittent attention to kids
  • Melinda Seckingtonmseckington / Melinda Seckington (540 followers)
    The self-proclaimed Miss Geeky. Computer Scientist. Blogger. Geek Dinner and Girl Geek Coffee Organizer.
  • GirlyGeekdomgirlygeekdom / GirlyGeekdom (1469 followers)
    aka Sarah Blow of the GirlyGeekdom blog and founder of Girl Geek Dinners… Techie, innovator, marketeer and geek!
  • NatalieNatbat / Natalie (1421 followers)
    Clientside developer, Clearleft
  • Jenny FlintoftJennyFlintoft / Jenny Flintoft (543 followers)
    Helping others feel FIRED UP! about their work and life – whether you’re employed, self-employed, or just need a boost of inspiration – I can help!
  • Carrie Davissportycarrie / Carrie Davis (20506 followers)
    The Sport Girl on the Chris Moyles Show!
  • Nicola Cairncrosswealthcoach / Nicola Cairncross (1251 followers)
    Making Millionaires Since 1999
  • amypalkoamypalko / amypalko (1108 followers)
    Fascinated in everything with a limitless curiosity – I live in a state of constant intrigue
  • Judith LewisJudithLewis / Judith Lewis (405 followers)
    Search Director; i-level.com; Journalist, Technology Weekly; Blogger, SEO-Chicks.com; conference speaker; all around sexy gal Email: judith.lewis@i-level.com
  • Jackie Walkerukdivorce / Jackie Walker (465 followers)
    Helping less than perfect relationships mend or end
  • Adriana Lukasadriana872 / Adriana Lukas (457 followers)
    disruption on legs, networks, social web
  • Meg Pickardmegpickard / Meg Pickard (133 followers)
    Public/professional updates for social/media botherer and all-round tea-drinking champion. Available for workshops, conferences, barmitzvahs…
  • shani leeshanitomorrow / shani lee (345 followers)
    learning, communities, smes, arty stuff, chatting :)
  • SofiaSofia / Sofia (1911 followers)
  • amanda roseamanda / amanda rose (2915 followers)
    canadian living in london . co-founder of space-2 locations . events-minded entrepreneur . communicator who likes oxymorons . thinking global for @twestival
  • lj richLJRICH / lj rich (944 followers)
    Blogger, Technologist, Musician, Composer & Geek on BBC Click, Virgin & more. Concert Pianist, loves scifi, gadgets, chocolate, sushi & trivia.
  • denise coxdenisecox / denise cox (334 followers)
    Email Newsletter Specialist with European ESP Newsweaver. I am as passionate about email as the first day I sent and received one: 24 June, 1996
  • Allyson Proudfootworkingnature / Allyson Proudfoot (1527 followers)
    I make ethical handmade soap and skincare under the brand name “Working with Nature” I also sell on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6654622
  • Emma Potteremmapotter / Emma Potter (249 followers)
    PR consultant in B2B, tech and social media. Talk to me about Elsevier, Wadja and Flip Video.
  • Christiane LinkChristiane / Christiane Link (499 followers)
    German journalist living in London
  • Simone Brummelhuisthenextwomen / Simone Brummelhuis (1077 followers)
    The Next Women, Business Magazine for Female Internet Heroes. News Interviews Startups Funding Profiles.Founder, entrepreneur, CEO, TV, Simone Brummelhuis.
  • Salena Newportsalena_newport / Salena Newport (1637 followers)
    Can’t help it, but I’m constantly striving for the ‘Ok, I’m where I need to be’ point.
  • Rachel Clarkerachelclarke / Rachel Clarke (1419 followers)
    engagement, transmedia, digital, games, fun, marketing. Unlikely to follow back unless I know you
  • Shelley Pearsonshelleypearson / Shelley Pearson (44 followers)
    Franchise Expert. Entrepreneur junkie; Nuts & Bolts Business Lady; Wishes she could fly; Loves Jam Donuts
  • JudithMorganJudithMorgan / JudithMorgan (343 followers)
    Business Mentor, Wealth Coach, Debt Counsellor, Property Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
  • joannayoungjoannayoung / joannayoung (1161 followers)
    Writing coach, blogger, writer, lifelong learner, lifewide explorer
  • Naomi DunfordIttyBiz / Naomi Dunford (2018 followers)
    Author of IttyBiz. Into helping solo-preneurs earn more and suck less.
  • Zoe Margolisgirlonetrack / Zoe Margolis (3113 followers)
    Sexblogger, author, geek.
  • Mel KirkMelKirk / Mel Kirk (4645 followers)
    I’m a super social media butterfly that loves all things web apps, shiny and new :)
  • Suw Suw / Suw (1914 followers)
    Playing with computers.
  • Vero Pepperrellvero / Vero Pepperrell (1489 followers)
    Social Media Consultant, Blogger & Geekette
  • Alison WheelerAlisonW / Alison Wheeler (290 followers)
    Open source / knowledge GeekGirl who loves creating solutions to thought-impossible problems! Runs on UT+3 so hates UK mornings. 3xCTO, with MBA, now available
  • marionryanmarionryan / marionryan (245 followers)
    Website and blog designer,writer, philosopher and philanthropist and funny bird
  • Emma Perskyemmapersky / Emma Persky (518 followers)
    fuck. that. shit.
  • Julie GibbonsPeoplemapsJulie / Julie Gibbons (1021 followers)
    Personality profiling, home educating, house exchanging, organic traveller – global business on the internet, preferably in flip-flops.
  • _Vio__vio_ / _Vio_ (1046 followers)
    French 20-something geekette, living in London and working in Social Media. Oh and my name is not Valarie ;)
  • hermionewayhermioneway / hermioneway (1752 followers)
    gave birth to newspepper.com and www.techfluff.tv
  • Barbara GibsonBarb_G / Barbara Gibson (9619 followers)
    Chair of International Assoc of Business Communicators (IABC), PR & communication strategy consultant, ABC, social media dilettante.
  • Lesley JohnstonLesley_Johnston / Lesley Johnston (2052 followers)
    I’m an internet entrepreneur who teaches businesses to grow their business online through internet marketing.
  • RachaelRachaelPhillips / Rachael (411 followers)
    By day I’m a publicist by night I’m a wanna be writer/blogger, photography & travel lover. Also in to the usual suspects – film, fashion & scandal!
  • Michelleananyah / Michelle (359 followers)
    I’m a 26 yr old female who grew up in Singapore & Kuwait but is technically Scottish even if the accent isn’t there!
  • CathElliottCathElliott / CathElliott (236 followers)
    Freelance writer and blogger,
  • Jamie Klinglerphotogirluk / Jamie Klingler (653 followers)
    philly girl, relocated 6 years ago, poker, scrabble, softball and photography director of ShortList Magazine, and mom of puppy mcnulty
  • Louise Barnes-JohnstLouiseBJ / Louise Barnes-Johnst (462 followers)
    Business Coach working with Small Business Owners who want more money from their business and more fun from their life!
  • Julie MooreJulie_Moore / Julie Moore (189 followers)
    Nationally Acclaimed Tarot Reader & Clairvoyant. “The Celebrities Psychic”.
  • nadia_choudharyNadia_ / nadia_choudhary (129 followers)
    I dedicate my twittering life to Mark Shaw, he made me twitter! :) I’d also like to pay tribute to Ecademy, the blog page launched my cyber career.

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68 Responses to “101 english tweeting Women to follow from Europe”

  1. Reading: “101 english tweeting women from Europe” http://tinyurl.com/acu8rb

  2. This project is very perspective. The good resource for me http://tinyurl.com/acu8rb

  3. Betsy Weber says:

    Great post! So many great women! I’m too late to retweet this Friday, but will do next week. :-)

  4. Nicole Simon says:

    Better Wednesday for #womentofollow day ;)

  5. Sara Rosso says:

    Hi, I’m in Italy and Tweet 99-100% in English :) @rosso

  6. Cindy says:

    Thanks Nicole! A great idea to share with everyone. I’ll remember to connect to others I run into.

  7. kelly says:

    You should follow me if you like bikes and also Denmark. Also, I sometimes explain what I had for breakfast but only ironically.
    @season_ticket Denmark

  8. Susanne says:

    Thank you what a fine idea.

    I would like to be added, I am Danish and live in Ireland at the moment.
    I tweet in English 99% . http://twitter.com/surfsusan

  9. Thanks Nicole for adding me :) Another reason for me to start twittering more with my personal account :)

  10. http://twitter.com/LaBellaCosa – Tweeting about the beautiful things in life.

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    A beautiful thing – we can love the idea of something even before it has been created. MBA Candidate,Economics Nerd,Aspiring Fashionista

  11. http://www.twitter.com/qedtherese software geek from Denmark.

    Great idea – I have been looking for some women to follow :-).

  12. @learn10 I’m in the Czech Republic and tweet about running a startup, cats & teaching English.
    I also run @learn10english which is a daily competition to compose a tweet using 10 specific words.


  13. Astrid Olesen says:


    I would like to be added. I’m a freelance ArtDirector trying to catch up with all the new ways of using the internet and making fancy designs

  14. I would like to be added. I’m in Italy, a Twitter newbie and have very few tweets so far but they are definitely all in English. http://twitter.com/mschoenu

  15. Great idea! I would also like to be added – http://twitter.com/WhoCaresTwit

  16. Catfluff says:

    I’m an American living in Portugal, making bags and purses and selling them online.

  17. Timo Heuer says:

    It indeed is an intersting list. Thanks Nicole!

  18. Timo Heuer says:

    interesting ;)

  19. Love to be added! http://twitter.com/tammnoony
    I’m from Israel & selling handmade crafted gifts online.
    Thank you.

  20. Kath Pay says:

    Hi, I’m in the UK and tweet 100% in Englsih @kathpay

  21. Great initiative!
    Twitter profile: nfsaxberg
    Country: Denmark

  22. Hi Nicole,

    My name is Carmen Villadar and I am @digitalfemme on twitter.

    I’m a Canadian, living in Frankfurt Germany. :-) I tweet 99.99% in English and I have 1,658 followers. I am also the founder of Frankfurt Girl Geek Dinners and I work for Global Gateway Innovation Exchange ( G2iX ) as Business Development Manager, EU.

  23. Kate Bevan says:

    Smashing list! I’m @katebevan; please add me to the list for the UK

  24. Roxie says:

    Great list – thank you


    Living in UK

  25. Jules says:

    You’ll find me at @snorestore . I use English as my first language and am based in the UK and Switzerland.

  26. Adnrea says:

    You ll find me @silverSpoon. I m basd in Ireland as well :)

  27. Helen T says:

    Loving the list, thanks for some great suggestions.

    I’m @presentsqueen, http://twitter.com/presentsqueen. Writing about whatever takes my fancy, including unusual gifts, lots of food, the state of Welsh rugby, and David Tennant!

  28. Val says:

    Hi I’d love to be added please. I’m Val and I’m in Ireland

  29. Fee Beyer says:

    I tweet about everything new and exciting in the mobile industy and like to be added! :-)
    http://www.twitter.com/feebeyer or rather @feebeyer

  30. Great one Nicole
    Love to be added

    (wigglywigglers.co.uk – Really Rural Living. Heather is Chief Wiggler, Farmer’s Wife, Podcaster, and Giggler.)

  31. Hi I am in the UK and tweet 100% in English, I would love to be inclued.


    I tweet about Women in computing matters as chair of BCSWomen, AI Research and personal stuff.


  32. nanouk says:

    Nice list, thank you!
    Please add me a swell: http://twitter.com/bozontee,

    based in germany

  33. Anja Boisten says:

    Great list Nicole – thanks for sharing!
    You have inspired me to look at similar lists for German, French, Spanish language women twitterers – in true Euro-lingo style! I’ll start looking into that and let you know how I get on!


  34. sheryl says:

    Great idea! I’d love to be added:
    I’m a food blogger based in The Netherlands and mostly tweet about food as well as tech and user experience design.

  35. notafish says:

    Now I’m kind of torn. Should I be listed under Germany or France? If it is “where people are from”, definitely France. If “where people are”, then of course Germany :P

  36. Nicole Simon says:

    Thanks for everybody who has added themselves via Mail or comment ;) The new list will have 160+ women and go online before the next womentofollow on wednesday. ;)

    @notafish I might put you on france just to have one more person in there. ;)))

  37. Krishna De says:

    Nicole – what a terrific resource to share and thank you for including me. I’ll be checking the list to see who I’m not following. I really appreciate the time you took to put this resource together.

  38. Melanie says:

    I’ve started tweeting again after a long pause, i work for a digital new media agency in operations http://twitter.com/melanienabarro

  39. notafish says:

    @Nicole Yeah, do that. Aï âme sooo Frènche! :D

  40. Great idea. Will certainly be making connections from this list. I’d love to be a part of it. I mostly tweet about marketing, social media and life in general.

  41. marlooz says:

    Hi I’m Marlooz and I’m from Holland, but I tweet in english too http://www.twitter.com/themarlooz

  42. Impressive list with lots of familiar faces Nicole. Brilliant great to be a part of the female Twitter community in London UK and Europe.

    Looking forward to #followfriday and women2follow

    Julie Williams

  43. Maria Sipka says:

    What an honor to be on your list Nicole! Great initiative.

  44. Daniela says:

    Great idea, great list! Thanks a lot for sharing! Looking forward to meeting many interesting women virtually ;-)

  45. Lucy says:

    Great list! Have added lots of you and will retweet on Wednesday.

    I’d love to be added- http://twitter.com/lucylangdon I’m an Online Marketer and work for @Distilled in London. I specialise in copywriting, linkbait and all things social media, but I can also hold my own when it comes to SEO.

  46. I will be also following all from the gbw account on twitter. ;)

  47. Sharon says:

    Hi Nicole

    What a great idea and so many interesting women.

    I would love to be added to the list. I am from Israel and tweet in English


  48. Elena says:

    i’d love to be added! :)
    from paris, france
    I’m a documentary filmmaker

  49. Christiane says:

    Thanks for adding me. The list is a brilliant idea.

  50. Doris Smith says:

    Central/Eastern Europe is seriously underrepresented here!

    I am tweeting in English from Prague, in the Czech Republic.

  51. Mary Forde says:

    A great initiative! Would love to be added.

  52. I’d love to be added!

    @sineadnulty from Ireland.

    Co-owner of a rails, agile, and web consultancy and development company

    Active in supporting women in business networks

  53. Denise Fay says:

    Great idea- Krishnade (@krishnade)gave us ladies in Ireland the web address. Wonderful idea.

  54. Denise Fay says:

    oops – didn’t leave my information:

    Marketing Strategist, Internet strategist, Copy-writer, Founder of Achieve Marketing, writer, creative thinker, marathon runner,

  55. Great idea – I can join the ladies in Denmark.
    Twitter username: @nfsaxberg

  56. Love it! And would love to be added. I’m based primarily in France, but spend several months a year in Italy.

  57. Mary Keily says:

    great idea!

  58. Great Idea :) These are great women in Ireland I’m already following :)

  59. I guess this is really priceless and there is no precedent to it at least to my knowledge. Really stunning all your commentaries are, the pretenders should be flattered,)

  60. Jessica says:

    You can add me as well, I live in Rome! Great list.

  61. Tarot cards says:

    Hmm Well I was just searching on Google for some Tarot readings of some Tarot reader
    and just came across your blog, generally I just only visit blogs and retrieve my required
    information but this time the useful information that you posted in this post compelled me
    to reply here and appreciate your good work. I just bookmarked your blog

  62. Gaby says:

    Not sure if this is still a running topic. Yet I am based in Spain (Valencia) and would love to be added to the list.


  63. Lilli says:

    Great post, thanks! Maybe you could do a follow up article about this?

  64. Mai Nabawy says:

    Wow… What a great idea! This definetly helps people, especially women offcourse to find followers and get their words read over the internet, further, it encourages them more to do their activieties online.