23c3 – CCC Congress, Berlin


Over the next days you will find me in Berlin at the last congress of the Year of the infamous Chaos Computer Club. Besides a very interesting program. I am looking forward meeting some old friends – like really old friends from Usenet and IRC.

The slogan of the conference is “do I trust you” and the answer is no – at least in the sense that I will not dare using wifi and my computer, the maximum should be to use my mobile phone on very short occassions outside of the building or so. No I am not paranoid, but those are the guys who DO hack and are not only called skriptkiddies. And after all, i am using a windows pc.

I am not even sure if I should use it for taking notes without anything enabled. ;)

Therefore, if you are coming to Berlin to the congress, you should better ping me on my mobile phone (+49 179 4997076) per sms or such. I will be staying in Berlin until 31st morning and am looking forward to have some interesting conversations.

For a change I might even be interested recording on site as I will not have my pc ;) ;) If you are someone interesting to talk to, ping me on site so we can do a recording!

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