5 things you might not know about me


The “5 things you might not know about me” meme has been around for some time now and this actually is the english text version – I already did a German one as well as record this one in the latest useful sounds podcast.

  • Call me Nicole, thanks.

    nisi / neezee and nixande are my most likely usernames in different services and tools. One of the reason why I prefer them over my normale name is the fact that I am not able to type my first nor my last name fast. Nicole nearly never comes out correctly, but Nciole / Nicloe and Simoen / Simone are favorites *grrrr*

    You would assume that my ‘natural’ nick name would be Nicki / Nicky or such. Well, there was a bavarian singer of stupid songs during the time someone would pick a nickname so that was out of the question. By chance my mother needed to put my name in my clothes for some kind of summer camp and was lazy. As NS could have been mistaken for somebody else NiSi would have probably not.

    By that time I found my first name to be boring and was very upset by my parents not to give me a second name like everybody else in my family has. (Although – that probably would have been Maria). So I went with Nisi and even got some teacher to call me that name.

    Some time ago I adapted the spelling to Neezee because I like the writing better than Nisi and you englisch speaking people can pronounce it better. ;)

    Nonetheless I really dislike being called by that nicknames (except in some specific circumstances like for clarification) and prefer being called Nicole.

  • I love piano / synthi

    You may have heard me calling musik “Schrammelmusik”, which is a German expression I probably made up. Consider this to be everything which relies to heavy on guitars. Not my kind. It is not that I actually need to have the mellow ones, I really do enjoy some kinds. But what it boils down to is simple: I just love synthizers and piano.

    My first crush in high school played piano and introduced me to Saga – but that can’t be it. Another one of my favorites in this regard is FPI Project with “Rich in Paradise”. Steppin up that boots baby! ;)

  • nearly 20 years of being online or why Nicole 17 is a bad choice for a nickname

    I will be able to celebrate 20 years of chat history by 2008. The reason I remember? When I joined btx (a German system like the french minitel), I thought of what nickname to pick. Nicole was already taken so I took Nicole17. Yes, you can probably guess why that was a baaaaaad idea. The nick is still perfect for demonstration purposes. ;)

    With an interruption of some years and a short intermezzo with Compuserve I really starting using the net (and chat of course) in 1995. Btw one reason to have _nisi / _neezee as a nickname on IRC? It does not sound female …

  • No love for horses. Ever.
    I am not sure if this is only a thing for German teenage girls, but they all seem to have their phase of “loving horses and going riding”. Like between 10-15 or such, before they get into boys. Never ever had that, not the slightest bit of interest ever.
  • I appreciate small things and gestures
    I don’t need nor want fancy stuff, instead I am more than happy with simple things. Looking up at the stars and enjoy them on a clear night, beautiful colors of the sky in the evening, zen like arrangements, just the simple pleasure of pure bread and some butter, and and and. Also I appreciate if someone is attentive and shows that they pay attention – which can be done by small gestures many may find to little. I appreciate them.

I am tagging Pedro, André, Alex, Rick and Dragos, 4 out of 5 l of which I met for the first time at reboot. ;)


One Response to “5 things you might not know about me”

  1. Sascha says:

    Hi Nicole!

    Actually I was working myself through the 23C3 list of reporting blogs. Didn’t attend this year for political reasons. Anyway, I couldn’t resist read this allthough it has nothing to do with my inital target.

    Thanks for the insight, it painted a nice picture in my mind.