To those people who not know what the excitement about 64B means – it is like the best seat on biz class on BA.

And some consider upper deck to be even better than first class. So Nicole, business must be going great if you can fly business class and sip nicely champange in the lounge and blog from there?

Well, kind of. ;) I did intent to fly Word Traveller Plus on BA which has two major charming attributes: You can (if available) upgrade for 25000 miles to Biz (and othere than some American Airlines Biz means something nice on BA), and they have bigger seats.

I don’t really care about the food, champagne or wine or anything, but I do care about the seats. Did I mention that BA Biz has true flat bads? Now, how did I get this one?

I was early at the airport, looking at the dreadful long line for economy checkin and waited 40 minutes for being checked in. Looking longingly to the Club world counter from which I can check in next time, because after these mere two flights I am silver status on BA. :)

So when she finished my checkin, the nice lady told me that ” Vincent is going to meet me” hmmm. And Vincent was so nice to give me a shiny new ticket with the famous 64B on it. And I don’t even need to check in with ‘the plebs’. I love upgrades. ;))

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2 Responses to “64B!”

  1. Rachel says:

    I disagree – I love 62K

  2. Nicole says:

    I have not tried out flying ‘backwards’ and as I do have problems with that, I rather not try it. “Best seat” mainly said here as a “upper deck is so much nicer”

    I am always amazed by how people tell you “near of lavatory might be bothering – there are only 10 people up there! :)))