9 *camps in 8 weeks.


Sometimes I think Germany is so far behind but once they start catching up, they go full force … While going through my event planner I noticed that the next months until mid November are going to be crazy event wise. But it took me a moment to realize that the German speaking sphere is having 9 (yes nine) Barcamp like events over the next 8 weeks!

Given, this does not count in the iPhoneDevCamp as there is no release date yet of the iPhone, at least three of them are also accessible for english speaking audience and two of them are in Austria and Switzerland, but still.

(You can find all dates / maps / links etc snuggled up on this page).

The ones you want to pay attention to are web3Dcamp (happening tomorow) and Barcamp Berlin 2 & Podcamp Berlin 2 and web2open Europe, because these are the ‘international’ events. Meaning you will be able to attend and have fun even if you don’t speak German.

The Barcamp Berlin is happening right before O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo and web2open Europe is happening during the Expo, which yours truly is helping organizing. And if that was not enough during that week, there is also the first official Girl Geek Dinner for Germany coming. ;o)


3 Responses to “9 *camps in 8 weeks.”

  1. tlr says:

    There’s also HackCamp, 18 October, Luxembourg. :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Since when is Luxembourg considered to be German speaking? ;)

  3. tlr says:

    Yeah, well, that particular event is likely to be in English. Other than that, Luxembourg is Luxembourgish-, French-, English-, German-speaking, depending on whom you talk to. :)

    PS: Why doesn’t this blog accept one-letter “names”?