A European View on Web 2.0 the presentation files


I really enjoyed my presentation yesterday: I had a very interested audience with a lot of good questions.

Only major fault of mine – I though I would actually have an US audience to talk to. All but three people I think where from Europe and some other parts of the world, but not the states. Major bummer with that. ;)

I would like to change a bit of the presentation when I put it only here to also reflect some of the talks I had; which is why you where there and would like to have the file the way they are, shoot me a short email to neezee under gmail.com (or use the form down on this page).

Other than that I *really* enjoy that look on peoples faces when they found something valuable for them. This is nothing you can achieve for all your attendees, it will always be a subset, but that is fine. It went different than I planned, but hey, life is full of surprises. ;)

(I am still at the web 2.0 expo today and can be reached under +14154257186)


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