A new blog in town: Excel


Excel-lent – that is the blog I have been waiting for: “Microsoft Excel – A discussion of what’s new in Excel 12“. While most of you probably have few to no interest at all about Excel, my main job consists on working in Excel. :)

The new blog will help me to understand new upcoming features, perhaps give me ideas of how to use stuff and so on. It will be a bit difficult, because I am not that ‘fluent’ in the English version, but I did manage to help out a friend through a support call on friday with the building of a Vlookup, so I think, I can deal with the language issue. ;)

This is why blogs are so great: Be it an interest in knitting, car washing or something obscure like Excel – you want it, somewhere there is a blog for it.

Oh and in case somebody would want a German speaking crabby lady – feel free to contact me. ;)

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