Nicole Simon

This is the short version on what I do here. Read more on nicole-simon.eu.


About myself

I love working with people and help them get successful, especially through the use of social software. Though I have been on the net for over a decade and have consulted SMB for years, I also understand the corporate side, as I have worked in a major corporation for 15 years.

If you need a name for what I do, I usually call myself a European New Media Specialist with a special interest in (micro) blogging, podcasting and second life / virtual worlds.  I also love to ‘testdrive’ products / concepts which is best described as Technology Implementation Analyst. Recently I have finished the German Twitter book and will specialize a bit in 2009 on this topic as well as building more bridges between communities.

More info about the book (german). You can read more about me on my Xing profile or contact me for more information.

Why ctbk? Smooth-tongued responses are for the timid ones, and if there are no challenges, there is nothing to gain either. :)

A more official version if you need it

Nicole Simon is a European Web 2.0 / social media Specialist from Germany and probably best known for her cruel to be kind feedback and her podcast interviews. She has recently publish a book about how to use Twitter for private and personal endeavours.

She consults companies and organisations who want to know how to use Twitter and other social media tools; also she is a sought-after sparrings partner especially for startups. She loves to bring different communities together and helps them learn from each other.

She also runs the German Girl Geek Dinners, co-moderates the forum Global Business Women on Xing and serves as advisory / jury member for several European conferences like next conference and the Web 2.0 Expo Europe.

And of course you can find her on twitter.

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