Adaptive Path’s 5th Anniversary Party


Thanks to Peter Kaminsky for bringing “” to my attention.

Anyone going to this who can help me get to there from Palo Alto and more importantly also back?


4 Responses to “Adaptive Path’s 5th Anniversary Party”

  1. strappato says:

    Highway 101. But without a car? Is this possible at all?

    Please report a on this adventure.

  2. Nicole says:

    I am guessing not, which is why I either get somebody to help me with that or I can’t go at all. ;(

  3. Brad Lauster says:

    If you’re staying in Palo Alto, it’s easy to get to Adaptive Path by taking Caltrain. Just hop on the north bound train (the station is at University and Alma) and get off at the end of the line in San Francscio. AP is just a few blocks from the Caltrain station. You’ll be able to take the train back to Palo Alto too. Drop me a line if you need specifics.

  4. Nicole says:

    No, that seems to be a common suggestion, I already have a caltrain schedule and I do have a printer in the hotel so I can make the prints from Google map. thx. :)