After Barcamp, finding the contact information and such


A hazzle after an event like barcamp is always to catch up with the systems we use daily.

I edited my “ways to get in contact with Nicole Simon” page and added an “Contact information after Barcamp London page

People asked how to stay in contact and Ben had quite a bit of work to do to find some of the participants. To make it easier for your fellow barcampers, it might be a nice idea to have a kind of overview somewhere, for example the non self explaining flickr name etc.

In case you think “bah, I have a blog, why should I?” try to look if you actually provide ways to get in contact with you on that …

Also you might want to go through the pictures stream on flickr and name yourself to help others to identify you. :)

Please note that listing that information does not included a guaranteed contact etc, but a way to help you out with starting a contact.

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3 Responses to “After Barcamp, finding the contact information and such”

  1. Tagging flickr photos with your name is definitely a good option. I often struggle to remember names, so it helps to have a visual reminder and flickr is the ideal way to do that. We should have taken mug shots, and I wish I had done now. Anyway, it would also be good if people tagged themselves and made sure that on their flickr pages they include a link to their page/contact information.

    Anyway – nice to meet you! Go girl geeks!

  2. I have to admit it would be great to have something like that backchannel d.construct thing. I was thinking the wiki would be used more, but the locking thing put a end to that. I guess the only thing which ties us all together is the tags. I’m subscribed to about 22 different feeds looking for barcamplondon people, posts and media.

    When you next over in London by the way?

  3. Nicole says:

    Mug shots or make sure people have a picture on their blog :)

    Also I find that over the day you discover more of people you like to connect with. Or when playing werewolf with them. ;)

    Ian, not sure, probably only when there is an event in town. I will be in London soon – but only for transit reasons ;)