American Idol for the Digerati or get yourself a second twitter account.


Over at Steve Rubel people are discussing who pays the twitter bill:
Twitter May Face Huge SMS Bills

I am still waiting for twitter to come out and tell the world that they where hired by the phone companies to increase text messaging, to be the American Idol for the digerati. Btw, I did stop reading twitter on the web during my cebit turn and will go back to reading it on the net.

But quite frankly, I am going to kick out people who do not contribute something useful for the time I spend with them. It may be harsh, but I do not really need to know that you just got up and then got under the shower.

If you want to do that – great! But make a high traffic twitter user for that. This is most likely the one you will be following on your phone either. Keep a second one for your low twittering – or just post it on your blog.

Seriously. With some people I want to know every bit of their live and with others I could care less but still wanna have them as friends.

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