Anne van Kesteren – Reboot 10 interview


Anne van Kesteren works for Opera on web standards and will talk at reboot about “Keeping the Web Free“.

The proposal consisted of one sentence “A talk about the recent advancements in Web browsers and Web standards to keep the Web free from proprietary lock in.” – so this is probably a longer ‘description’ of the possible content. ;)

We talk about the tools of the trades and the standards; how while the web grows, so does HTML and how bad things lead to standards.

He wants to hear about your examples and use cases, so try to find him and talk to him.

(Sorry for the ending and the cut in between, but there where some issues while recording.)

Download MP3 (14:10 min, 8,3 MB)

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  1. ben_ says:

    Anne ist immer noch Gott.