Are you coming to Cebit?


Cebit, still one of the biggest computer fairs in the world starts on Thursday. And it is a nightmare for many people especially because nobody really wants to go to Hanover. ;)

Therefor I am not sure if I can stay sane as I will be there for the whole time +2 days. I’ll be speaking at the Forum Middle Businesses on the topic of clever networking nowadays but more importantly be “lead blogger” of a live blog for German mobile phone provider O2. Topics will be as I call it “beyond the press release” – I do not really envy people who have to cover product releases and such from the floors! ;)

While my task is to help o2 people to blog and podcast about things from Cebit (german only, sorry) I do have a hidden agenda! I will use the time to test out one of their PDAs to see if that actually is what I need for my mobile, travelling live style. I have been a customer of o2 ever since I got a mobile phone and will shamelessly use my job there to get everyting up and running and test it. *g*

In case you are also coming to cebit, ping me through my contact form so we meet if time allows it. If you blog from Cebit, leave a comment with a link as well. ;)

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2 Responses to “Are you coming to Cebit?”

  1. Steve Paine says:

    Hi Nicole
    Ill be covering UMPC product news from CeBIt but its my first time there. I have no idea what to expect except shock!
    One of my secondary tasks at CeBit is to test out my Ultra Mobile Internet Reporting Kit.
    I would be interested to hear about what you will use as blogging kit when you’re there. We can meet-up too if you like. Und auch ein bischien Deutsche sprechen. (Ich wohne in Bonn aber bin nur 5 jahr in DE gewesen. Es ist immer noch schwere)
    Reorting kit details are here:
    Tchuess Steve

  2. Nicole says:

    UMPC? My kind of guy! We definetely have to meet. ;) I’ll be testing the xda orbit from o2 although I do get the feeling it might not be up to what I need to get ;)

    As it is your first time – yes. Be prepared for a shock. Also make sure to download the offerings for the Cebit fair to find your way around. ;)

    I will send you a mail so we can make a plan to hook up so you show me the cool stuff which is new and will be available in Germany as well ;)