Are you speaking at LeWeb or know one of the speakers?


I am a little bit behind with my preparation of the preconference podcast for LeWeb (and I was hoping against better judgement ;o) that Loic might help me out).

I will start researching and sending out the email invitations for the preconference podcast with the speakers for LeWeb but I know i dont have all of them, especially the ‘new kids on the speaker block’.

But as this is the new way of communicating, it might be easier this way. In case you read this and you are speaking at leweb, could you please ping me shortly through the mail form here or the given email address so we can make a appointment for the recording.

(I will give out another posting shortly with the missing ones so in case you know the mail address of one of them you can help out too. )

As possible listener i would of course be interested in your question / opinions for the upcoming conference so I can use those in my questoins for the people I am going to interview. :)

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