Are you using Linkedin?


Well, then you are probably American. If you are European, you probably use it if you have many American contacts. If you are more into the European market, you use Openbc. And they are not as small as you might think.

So, if you like to see what I am doing, you can go to my Linkedin Profile or my Openbc page. You might notice, that I already updated the Linkedin but will shortly do so on my Openbc account.

And it will be all English (unless they finally provided several profiles for different languages). So why is this about Lesblogs? Because Tara Hunt yesterday said that she was amazed that something like Openbc was out there and she did not know til now.

Go look outside your bubble. And for the people making this service: Make my data interchangeable, so I can reach more sites at ease – or I will concentrate on just some big ones.


2 Responses to “Are you using Linkedin?”

  1. Chris Heuer says:

    Such a good strong supportive anecdote I had to say bravo. “Go look outside your bubble” is exactly what I hope we are able to facilitate with BrainJams. (PS, thanks for the nice comment on the poster at flickr, did not know who you were from the flickr profile, which is another point for portable personas)

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh I see if I won’t to get an easy update on what BrainJams is, I just listen to this