Audible’s Wordcast: has possibilities but not very much to do with what podcasting is about.


Some people have asked me to give a link when I write a new article on theCorante podcasting blog , which I will probably do anyway for the reason of being able to add some more personal comments.

So the latest one is called “Some thoughts about Audible’s Wordcast” because it always irritated me why Audible is so interested in podcasters. To me, they are just producers of closed content, available against pay.

While I am against using Wordcast for podcasting reasons, I do not deny that they have a profitable business running. Which is why I keep asking myself: what do they gain from embracing podcasters so much? And for me the answer is “cheap, often updated content for their catalog” – the same as Apple is using podcasters in iTunes to sell hardware.

For what I call a podcast, this does not work together very well. If I would be in the business of selling audio something, this might just work great, especially if Audible collects the money for me – like Amazon marketplace. It is just not podcasting.

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