Be prepared for sushi!


When we meet next week in Copenhagen, be prepared to be asked for a little statement, an idea, a feedback on the conference for the post conference podcast.

But: Be also prepared that I want to take advantage of you for one of my other projects, :) What is it about?

The three started sushiradio because they believe in spreading podcasting all over the world and want to make it easy and enjoyable to get into it – therefore we want to offer short, interesting podcasts with different topics from all over the world. Guest sushi chef’s so to speak!

Sushi is a project of Thomas Wanhoff, Gerrit van Aaken and myself.

The possibility to get voices from all over the continent and beyond is too good to miss. :o)

Btw, we are always looking for interesting audio snippets to share information with the world. If you have something, please contact me! It is very easy to share with the world. :)

And don’t worry about your voice or not presenting right, see it as a chance to share something you are passionate about with the world.


2 Responses to “Be prepared for sushi!”

  1. Raymond says:

    “The possibility to get voices from all over the continent and beyond is too good to miss.”

    Yes, and interviews through skype is a very interesting method. Will you post an easy how-to on your way of doing it?

    If you can use Skype to Skype Out to for instance Iran, or Sudan, and the quality is not Too bad, wouldn’t it be great if we could get some syndicated podcasts on the air with interviews? It doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

    Hmm, I wonder if something like that is up already. If you know about any, care to provide a few links? I mostly monitor the videoblogging community, obviously ;)

  2. Nicole Simon says:

    Actually, recording through Skype is usually a horror experience until you find something and it then miracally works. But I try to give an example of my setup.

    Just interviews with people? There are many podcast with skype interviews out there. :) It is more of which kind of topic you like.