Blogging Web 2.0 Expo Europe and how to bring the European Community closer together.


(yes I admit I basically post this to make it easier to share content on the Tech in Europe Friendfeed room. Yes I know.)

[updated – added the link to the Girl Geek Dinner asking for a date you would prefer, added berlinwebweek and closed the link to the blogging programme entry. :) ]

As most of you hopefully know, the Web 2.0 Expo Europe is coming back to Berlin on October 21 til 23rd – but that is not all there is, because there is a whole lot events going so. So much in fact that I am not sure how I will survive them all.

All events can be found on the page:

Would like to be part of that crazy week and network and more?
Together with Techweb and O’Reilly Suw, Steph and myself have setup a cool blogging program which will hopefully bring in a great batch of content about and around the expo over the next month. Even more importantly to me: It will bring the European Community way closer and make them exchange thoughts, ideas and dates for barcamps and more! :)

Steph has written about it in french and Suw has the post about it in English, in a nutshell:

The way the blogging programme will work is that we’ll ask participants to do these few things between now and 6th October:

  • publish at least 4 Web 2.0 Expo-related blog posts, podcast episodes or videocasts, e.g. announcement of the event, speaker information, speaker interviews, or any other event-related stuff
  • encourage readers, friends, and/or community to register for the event
  • display the Web 2.0 Expo logo on their blog, with a link to the registration page, until the day of the conference

We think that’s pretty easy, but to help you along, we’ll provide participating bloggers with:

  • event badges
  • a 35% discount code to share with readers, colleagues and friends
  • access to information about the event suitable for re-blogging, such as announcements and speaker information/interviews (when possible)
  • be added to the official blog roll

In return, bloggers will get a full conference pass that to either use themselves or give away to readers.

There is more of course and if you like to join I have set up a simple google form with some question, so if you are interested please add yourself. There are some fields asking you about blog post examples (in case you already did something similar you could show them to us) or to provide a bit more information about you in case it may not be that obvious why you are a good fit for this program. We’re kicking things off on Tuesday September 9th with latest admission a week later.

I am especially still missing some swiss and austrian bloggers. ;)

(removed link as programme is now closed for accepting)


11 Responses to “Blogging Web 2.0 Expo Europe and how to bring the European Community closer together.”

  1. BloggingTom says:

    You miss swiss bloggers? Don’t worry, i will attend the Web 2.0 expo. Looking forward to see you again ;-)

  2. MILE says:

    Damn, the pricing for the conference fees is way higher than most interested attendees can afford…! I guess I’ll pass and leave the event to the usual blogger celebrities and self-proclaimed media experts who seem to have enough money in their pockets to spend their time travelling from event to event… ;)

  3. MILE says:

    P.S. Maybe you could/should add an option in your Google form for people to input more than one Blog URL and feed, in case they have several ones…?!

  4. Nicole says:

    Mile, there is more than one option to participate in such events, and of course it is up to everyone to decide wether or no not the investment they are making is something which makes it worth it for them.

    In regards to the Expo itself – the Expo Hall Pass allows you to participate in the Keynotes as well as meeting people on site. For many that is more than enough. They also take advantage of the additional events around the Expo and the cost of travel can be set off by seeing how much you can do in that short amount of time.

    Of course as usual, if you are just a passiv bystander, you will net get out anything of it and can rather look up the content from the presentations and such from your home.

  5. MILE says:

    Not sure why I have the feeling that you kind of make it sound as if I were too cheap to shell out like a thousand Euros for the Expo…?! ;)

    Anyway, the cost of travel (from Munich to Berlin) doesn’t bother me at all and it’s also not about how much worth the experience would be worth for me — it’s just that right now I simply cannot afford to spend up to 1300 Euro for a three day event…!

    Besides, I’ve been in IT (as a general umbrella term for all surrounding areas) for almost 20 years now and have attended quite a few expos, trade shows and other events and honestly — I don’t think any of them should be priced as ridiculously high as they usually are…

    But that’s just my very personal and thus subjective opinion…

    Also I don’t really see any appeal in the ‘blogging program’ where I’d have to apply with one of my blogs, then wait for someone to judge it (and by that means judge me as well) to decide if I am worthy of participating — but again, I guess that’s just me…

  6. Nicole says:

    You do travel expensive then if you use up that much money. ;)

    You have seen that the expo part of this actually is 20 euro (minus the discount codes) and the conference is the one with content but costing more money?

    As we agreed before: One has to look carefully what is offered and then decide if it is worth it. :)

  7. MILE says:

    Hmmh, just noticed that the time stamps in your comments are weirdly incorrect…!? Kinda confusing…uhm, but I’m digressing…

    Hey, I travel in style — of course that’s not cheap…! ;)

    But yeah, of course I’ve seen that the generall admittance is around 20 Euros, but I’m sure as hel not going to fly all the way up just to wander the halls…so of course I would want to attend some of the events, which then puts the price tag between 350 and 1300 Euros…

    Probably I’m generally unsatisfied with how such events go, what they cost, what’s offered and what people hang out there, so maybe I’m just venting a bit right now…!? But of course none of this is meant as a personal offence, as you hopefully know…!? :)

    Anyway, maybe I’ll get to see you in person at BarCamp Munich and we can discuss this and lots of other stuff, instead of me floodong your comment section…

  8. Nicole says:

    No Barcamp Munich for me this time, too close to all the other events. ;)

    Timestamps – the server is in the US that is why. ;)

  9. MILE says:

    Well, then some other time and some other place…!? :)

    And ’til then on Twitter, friendfeed, Jaiku…and and and… ;)))

  10. Hello sweetie ;)

    hope your fine since Reboot10
    Count me in for this Web2.0 Expo stuff

  11. Nicole says:

    Sorry Charles, submissions are closed. :)