Blogher 06: The women are there and they like Gadgets


As some of you know I have been in San Francisco for a week now (see pictures) just doing the touristy stuff this time and now am Blogher in San Jose (Link / my pictures), the women blogging conference.

Yes, there are some men there but basicly: Funny, smart, joyful curious, fashionated women. WITH a lot of gadgets. There are just as much laoptos here as with other conferences I have been to and the main differences is that the mobiles are shinier and the bags are more divers. Best swag btw? The joyful, colorful bag sponsored from Six Apart. ;)

Mostly I blog on my German blog about the conference because you see a lot of postings from other female bloggers in english, but not so much of course in German. :)


2 Responses to “Blogher 06: The women are there and they like Gadgets”

  1. bicyclemark says:

    from this simple description.. Im thinking I would have enjoying being there.
    Greetings from Portugal.

  2. Leah says:


    Too bad we never got to chat again. Your RSS comment was a perfectly fine follow-up to my comment and hopefully people listened. It was great to meet you and exciting that it was an international conference!