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Brian Cox is one of the interviews I was really looking forward to doing – and that was even before I realized that he was keyboarder of one of my favorite songs from the 90s. ;) He is genuinely excited about his job and having seen him at Lift last year explaining the universe you cannot help but be intrigued about what is behind all that.

  • how he got Tony Blair elected with his band named D:Ream (Things can only get better)
  • what he works on (and for the rest of his physicist stuff I suggest you have a look at his Wikipedia page)
  • how the world works and the forces of nature
  • why the rumors about a black hole where nonsense when starting the particle accelerator at cern
  • but what science fiction instead can teach us
  • speaks excitingly about this experiment which can put some light to big bang theory
  • things that it helps to understand who we are where, we came from and where we are going
  • his appearances on his TV and radio programs, like to explain science in a simple way and why that is a good thing
  • underlines the importance of science and how the commoner should be aware of science – it is usually payed by tax payers so they should be able to understand it
  • most of the liberties which we are used to now came from science – the Web for example was invented at CERN
  • it’s not fault of knowledge that it is used in a wrong way

Science is above all else is a reaction to the human condition. The universe is wonderful, confusing interesting and scary at the same time – and you react to that. […] Leweb themes is an emotional theme, and there is a profoundly emotional reaction to the universe if you see it through the eyes of science. … Love your universe.


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