Calling all Europeans: web2open is waiting for you to participate!


web2open europe in berlin

Short version: web2open website up, communication from twitter to facebook are up, mark the dates in your calendar for week full of events in November and think about submitting a talk / session. Oh yes, and come and have fun with the rest of us.

Special interest? People attending from all over Europe and especially the ones not from Germany or the UK!

And: If you have any kind of connections or contacts to a good venue in Berlin for the Barcamp, please get in touch with me or the organizers!

One of the hardest things these days is setting up a stringent and useful way to distribute information about an event like web2open, and I hope I have them nearly all covered now. ;)

In case you have not heard: web2open is an onsite event during the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. Even if you did not consider going to the full conference – and for the purpose of having you as a full time attendee to the web2open that would be wonderful ;) – you should grab yourself a full expo pass and hop over to Germany because there is a lot of fun and experience waiting for you.

So, what is happening during that week?

Week? Yes week, because the fun starts Friday.

Barcamp and Podcamp Berlin 2 going international:
The plan is to start friday Nov. 2nd with a pre party to Barcamp and Podcamp Berlin, which despite other Barcamps in Germany is going to be an international Barcamp. Only problem so far: To find a venue for 400-500 people. If we don’t find one, we would have to scale that down to like 200-250 visitors and that would be a shame.

Berlin is the capital, but there are not many big companies in Berlin. Something like a bigger company with a cantine would be great, and give the sponsor of such a venue the chance to really meet up with Europeans.

upcoming: Barcamp Berlin 2 & Podcamp Berlin 2

First Girl Geek Dinner Germany
On Wednesday the 7th we will have the first Girl Geek Dinner for Germany, which will be great as already a lot of women are coming. If you are interested in attending please set yourself to attending on the upcoming link so I get a feeling for how big the venue has to be. I will update with more information later.

web2open / O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo
The main events, starting on Monday evening with an Ignite session as well as the first keynote, until Thursday evening.

upcoming: Web 2.0 Expo Berlin
upcoming: web2open Europe


Which pass should I register for
Either you go for a full conference pass – please go and check out the options on the conference site – or you go for a full expo pass. If you would like to do so, go to register for a full expo pass and use the code MLYEBEAA to get it for free.

With this “full expo pass” you will be able to attend web2open and the Expo itself, Ignite and the keynotes.

Stay up to date
Most of the information about this event will be happening through the web site and the twitter channel. I have also set up a facebook group.

Don’t forget to enter yourself into the wiki attendee list

Looking for:

Besides really desparately looking for a good venue for the Barcamp, I would like to encourage you to get up and speak at the event. Perhaps even as a “pre set speaker“?

I think it is a great way to practice but also get in touch with interesting Europeans and perhaps even Americans and Asians.

And I would love to get in touch with more European Barcamp organizers, perhaps we could manage to use the roundtable room at least in one session for “Running Barcamps in Europe – chances and challenges”.

More later on the other channels. And if you have something nicer for a logo than this:

that would be wonderful, see here for more infos. ;)



2 Responses to “Calling all Europeans: web2open is waiting for you to participate!”

  1. Sebastian says:

    so, are the pre-scheduled talks on all three days, too?

  2. Nicole says:

    yes, they are spread out through those three days. Any more questions so I could do a FAQ? ;)