Can I have MID with that?


image What do you say when somebody asks you to test out mobile MID gadgets? You first say ‘yes please’, then ask how long you can keep then plus what exaclty MID are. I am going to find out over the next week. Meet the MidMoves project, sponsored by Intel:

The MID Moves project is an event designed to highlight how mobile Internet and Mobile Internet Devices bring you the power of the full Internet and the full Web in a way that enables you to go mobile while remaining productive, able to communicate, able to locate yourself and your contacts and even allowing you to have some fun on the way.

Each of the team will be taking two or more Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices on a fun and exciting 4-day tour and using this website, social networking and other internet media tools, bringing the whole event to you; update-by-update, picture-by-picture-by-picture and inevitably, problem-by-problem. A veritable Web2.0-fest!

 mitmoves teamThe team consists of Steve "Chippy" Paine, Jenn from Pocketables, Ewan Spence and myself. Each of us will be doing something quite different and we will be blogging / twittering / mobiling all of it.  Of course I am looking forward to unboxing the gagdets I am getting as well trying out how good my new (temporary) twitter machine will keep me connected while I am on the road again. :)

My two gadgets will be the Clarion MiND ? something for my car ? and the Compal/Aigo MID, what I call my new twittering machine. And it will be a hardcore test, as I will be heading for the Microblogging conference in Hamburg end of the week as well as twitter away at the DLD conference in Munich.


In case you have any suggestions for me what I should try out, I’d be happy to listen to them here plus Have a look at the midmoves blog and the twitter stream for #midmoves. :)


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