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Thunderbird just downloading two messages at the time?

Until now I used Thunderbird as my Gmail-Backupsytem on my laptop to have offline access to my mails. But recently it started that instead of downloading in one or two batches all new messages, it only would go for 2 …

Blognation is a go!

I have been a bit more quiet than usual in the last few weeks, and one of the reasons for it is Sam Sethi’s new project called blognation which finally launched today with blognation UK.

In case you are …

Meetups for the European O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo

As Jennifer Pahlka and Brady Forrest are coming to Europe for some meetings for theWeb 2.0 Expo in November – and they finally booked flights so hopefully there will not be any more changes to the plans! – there …

Plaxo and Linkedin news, are the silos slowly getting it?

Original a comment for Robert Scoble’s “Plaxo 3.0, the new “Switzerland” of social networks, but…” but it won’t let me do so. Well, let’s go here again.

If you talk about social software and poking around your friends …

Protest around Flickr “censorship” increases

Yesterday night when I wrote about Flickr “enhancing” the German Service, the tag thinkflickrthink, it had 850 picture. Some 12 hours later, it is already at over 5400. The Flickr group “Against Censorship at Flickr” has over …

Flickr: not love, but censorship – German users highly annoyed

For the PR department of Flickr, this morning could be a bitter one. You would think that having suddenly a German interface (other languages startet as well) would give Flickr like a home run in the German sphere when it …

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(you can stop unsubscribing now *g*)

My interview series for reboot is now finished (at least for this year) and I will return to ‘normal’ mode here. I am now going to fall into bed after I spend too much …

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Reboot 9: Fred Oliveira

Fred Oliveira is the founder of webreakstuff, a design consultancy, and will present “Geography – Dealing with distance in a time when global is key

Fred and I talk about:

  • his experience of living in the bay area
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Reboot 9: Oleg Koefoed

Oleg Koefoed is a ‘paid’ philospoher and is going to present “Intuition? new forms, old forces, and their implications“.

He and I go philosophical on different topics:

  • philosophy as an addiction and his definition on p.
  • his choice
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Reboot 9: Matthias Müller-Prove

Matthias Müller-Prove is a computer scientist, and working as a User Experience Engineer & Interaction Designer for StarOffice and He is giving a talk about “A Duel between Desktop and Web“.

He and I talk about:

  • his
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