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Three more interviews to come

I still have three more interviews to edit but due to some meetings out of town I will only be able to edit and upload them later tonight, so please check back this evening _/ tomorow morning for the last …

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Reboot 9: Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima interaction designer and design researcher and is going to present on “Visual complexity – A visual exploration on mapping complex networks“.

Download MP3 (34 min, 20,3 MB)He and I talk about

  • how his master thesis
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Reboot 9: Kars Alfrink

Kars Alfrink is a Dutch interaction designer as well as a teacher for game designers; he is going to present on “Mobile Social Play“.

He and I talk about:

  • he is available from July on for freelancing. ;)

Reboot 9: Alexander Kjerulf

Alexander Kjerulf is the “Chief Happiness Officer” and will present his talk “Happiness is subversive – Let’s change the world. With happiness.“.

He and I talk about:

  • the importance on being happy
  • a bit bragging about his work
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Reboot 9: Aram Bartholl

Aram Bartholl is an artist in Berlin, with his art related to Web, Net and physical objects. He is going to present “Online Symbols in the offline world – Aram Bartholl art projects: Net Data Space vs. Every Day

Reboot 9: Michel Bauwens

Probably my farest away recording – directly from Thailand. Michel Bauwens is founder of the foundation of p2p alternatives. His talk is named “The Politics of Web 2.0 and the contradictions of a sharing economy

Michel and …

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Reboot 9: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

A conversational talk with Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, facilitator of reboot.

  • the referenced talk with Stowe Boyd
  • why human this year – to make again a central theme
  • insight was: all what is happening currently is a massive shift from machine /
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Reboot 9: Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd calls himself a cross between a researcher and an impresario with a focus on social tools. His talk is going to be “Flow: A New Consciousness For A Web Of Traffic

Download MP3 (40:30 min, 23,7

Reboot 9: Robert Slagter

Robert Slagter is a researcher at the Telematica Instituut in the Netherlands and is going to present “your ideal Working environment – what does it take to create an environment that stimulates productivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing?


Reboot 9: Dannie Jost

Dannie Jost, writer, philosopher and part time poet, is going to present a talk on “Theoretical Man – being human right there with public man

Dannie and I talk about:

  • why “human?” is one of the most fascinating
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