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Free Sugababes concert via streaming.

I do have the feeling I am getting to old for this. o2 Music Flash is presenting a free concert at Cebit with the Sugababes – I still remember the Spice Girls. ;)

Until now it is mainly promoted in …

Are you coming to Cebit?

Cebit, still one of the biggest computer fairs in the world starts on Thursday. And it is a nightmare for many people especially because nobody really wants to go to Hanover. ;)

Therefor I am not sure if I …

Twitter starting to face the global challenge

Some thoughts about twitter and why the hype maybe over sooner than you thought.

I just finished my german article about twitter-sunday: Warum Twitter eine Lücke füllen kann oder Die üblichen Verdächtigen aus D. entdecken Twitter.

Can you understand what …

Why Ning will work and not work at the same time.

As Ning launches today there are some reports out there and it is worth looking at them – including the comments.

“Take me! I am available! I am yours!”

While trying to catch up with mail and news from nearly 4 weeks (being on the road and sick) I was reading on the new entries to the old discussion on female speakers. I have talked about this before as …

Vecosys in Search for European “Movers and Shakers”

While they where with Techcrunch UK I was bitterly complaining about them not paying enough attention towards Europe. Now that Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher run Vecosy as “Sam Sethi & Mike Butcher’s techreview of European startups.” they do pay …

While I am coughing my way through London …

I am still in London and am trying to recover from being sick and yet talking all the time at Barcamp London (was wonderful btw) – plus I am on some wifi from around somewhere with only a mini-connection. Judging …

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Funny: Gave up my apparment to live in hotels

There is an amusing thread over at Flyertalk about Gave up my apartment to live in Hotel’s. Given my current travel patterns I still could not justify this. ;) But this entry really cracked me up:

I did this

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London calling

Although I am not over my tonsilities (thanks international audience at lift grrr), I am going to london tomorow for Barcamp and the Girl geek dinner. :)

I will be tomorow evening at the screening of the new film 300

Going to Lift in Switzerland – and some interviews


Last year I was not able to go here due to work restrictions, but one of the fun parts of being self employed is of course not so many constraints like “end of year business” (jan/feb are the hardest time …

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