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Take back the fun in podcasting (before you get your mid life crisis).

I have pondered a long time on how to write the article about “Has podcasting entered mainstream too fast?“.

One reason was being not sure about whether I am seeing ghosts or not. But conversations with other podcasters …

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Whole Paris is on fire.

Whole Paris? No, there is a little thing called centre of Paris, which is not says Loic.

[That is supposed to be a play with words. Yes, it is lame if you have to explain it. If you don’t …

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New spam attacts with links to ‘respectable sites’ – what is the purpose of those?

Since two days I get hit a bit by a new kind of spam – full of links to ‘respectable’ sites like, linux magazin etc. Other than bringing webmasters to enforce captchas or others on every side available, I …

Questions and thoughts about Amazon Turk

Amazon Turk is the new buzz on memeorandum (once you get the meme and orandum seperation, it is quite easy to spell). It is “we are expanding our maketplace from just products to jobs, but only jobs in a way …

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Playing defined / Yahoo to change their Tos already?

Ethan Stock reduces my post “Let me play” to being a complaint about not being able to use that service commercially.

Which is not the point of the “let me play” mind set I was talking about, but …

Women and technology

Over the years, I have seen (and trained) a lot of women, who just don’t get absolut basics of technology. Even if you explain it to them, in a very simple logic way, they don’t get it.

If you are …

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Maps: Let me play

Scoble writes about map and APIs:

Why? Cause we don’t even realize that Google is playing in the Superbowl and left us playing for the high school championships. It’s nice to win the high school championships, but it isn’t

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My kind of installation!

I am just searching for an rsync tool for windows. I don’t know why it took me so long to go for it for synchronizing my blogs because this is what this tool is about – syncing! But I was …

Typepad is not the only one with problems …

*hrmpf* I don’t want to abort, I want to read my feeds!

Is it my fault that bloglines can’t handly my amount of feeds?

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The bouncy ball commercial is there.

Which image does this conjure?

250,000 multi-coloured ‘superballs’ bouncing down the streets of San Francisco

Or does this ring a bell?

An entire block was closed off and special compressed-air cannons shot the balls into the air, while earth moving