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Come to Pitchcamp at Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin

During Web 2.0 Expo Europe a Pitchcamp will be hosted on Oct 21st, the Workshop day. Bringing together VCs and relevant media people the attendees of the workshop can learn more from how that world works or not. Selected startups

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Blogworldexpo 2008 – my slides and some notes

There is something else I really dig about speaking / giving workshops: The smile in peoples eyes when they come to you and tell you that your information helped them and made them understand “this stuff”. (And it is probably …

Blogging Web 2.0 Expo Europe and how to bring the European Community closer together.

(yes I admit I basically post this to make it easier to share content on the Tech in Europe Friendfeed room. Yes I know.)

[updated – added the link to the Girl Geek Dinner asking for a date you would …

Backtype: Scraping comments without your consent and trying to monetize it.

It is one of those ideas where you say ‘yeah right, why did no body else think about this”.

TC reports about Backtype, a Twitter for comments:

They’re a blog-comment focused startup – founders Christoper Golda and Michael Montano

International Barcamp Berlin 3 (Oct 18/19) – registration will open this weekend

BarCamp Berlin 3Happy to announce that the international Barcamp Berlin 3 now really happening. “Why, was that in question” you might ask? Jep, because it is not easy for an event this size to get a venue. Congrats to the guys securing …

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Twitter stops sending SMS effective immediately, users have to go on cold turkey

That is the the kind of unpleasant mail you do not want to see in the morning, although it was to be expected. Twitter will cease sending out SMS – that is if you are not living in "Canada, India, …

twitter downtime during blOgher – not a good idea

i am sitting at blogher (today finally with twitter equipment), on a great panel i would like to share a lot of. but twitter decided to take a ‘short’ outtime

“Twitter is currently down for maintenance.
We expect to be …

San Francisco, here I come!

I'm Speaking at BlogHer 08

I will have a short visit to San Francisco from 14th til 22nd because I will be speaking at Blogher about “Blogging with a global perspective“. Not only am I am looking forward to event, but also about …

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Stowe Boyd – Reboot 10 interview

“It is not all sunshine and flowers” says Stowe (meaning his talk), and the several problems with recording this interview should have been a warning for me that the editing would not be a walk in the park either. Let’s …

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Francesca Birks – Reboot 10 interview

Francesca Birks is a analyst with the Foresight group at design and engineering consultancy ARUP in London UK.

She and I talk about her work and what a foresight analyst does, how destilling information is relevant, how her area of …

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