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Are you in need of some ideas on how to make your own Web 2.0 company?

Well, there is help available: Web Two Point Oh!

While Squioliya has a great business idea, very fitting for me (Your company product: cellphone-based …

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The programm for LesBlogs is up. “Wow” is the word which comes to my mind. Go read for yourself how different speakers and panelist will have answers on these questions:

Let’s define together these new values and understand:

  1. How

The “New Kid on the Blog” has fun.

The lovely Maryam Scoble has her two week ‘anniversary’ and you can see from her writing, that she is the one in the family with the better writing skills:

Even in the first two weeks, I am beginning to realize,

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The world should be flat.

And just have one time zone. It would *really* make lifes easier.…

Interesting article in the NYT about Life hacking

Robert links to an interesting article in the NYT called “Meet the Life Hackers“. I assume this goes behind a paywall soon, grab it and save the print version.

The fun things about people sharing their life hacks …

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Logo which symbolises conversation

Congratulation Laurent for his new logo – the first one I have ever seen to really symbolise the topic of conversation:
Markets are conversations

When programmers are not able to do a simple version check …

Via Cameron I just found a nice little thing: ThinkFree Office Online. Features look interesting:

With ThinkFree Office Online you can :

* Create Microsoft Office-compatible documents from the Web
* Open and edit your Office documents anywhere and

What is … Web 2.0

David Hornik asked some people: What is Web 2.0.

While at the Web 2.0 Conference, I asked a number of entrepreneurs what they thought “Web 2.0” was. While I didn’t get a whole lot of substantive answers, I did

Pre-conference podcasting / location is set

Okay, who is attending? :) As my new “hobby” is pre conference podcasting, I will podcast the speakers and intend to get some comments or hints from you.

So if you are going to Lesblogs, contact me, I …

Good “press release” by Versign on their purchase of

Michael Graves has posted a very good explanation on the Infrablog of Verisign not only that they bought in standard press release speek, but also lists what they want to do with the service. Basicly he says: Basic services …

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