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Podcasts from two recent conferences

Thanks to Odeo’s featured channel I discovered the podcasts of Web Essentials 05 in Sydney from last week. See the programm for some of the slides links.

Wonderful website, great presentation of the results. It is fun to look …

Portuguese flickr-like foto sharing site goes online

My favorite portuguese guys both work at sapo and after over two months of hard work they just launched Pedro has some screenshots and a post about how they managed to do this in 65 days, Andé

A new blog in town: Excel

Excel-lent – that is the blog I have been waiting for: “Microsoft Excel – A discussion of what’s new in Excel 12“. While most of you probably have few to no interest at all about Excel, my main …

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“not allowed to produce obscene material which are defined as such by US law”

I yesterday installed the Onenote version I purchased on ebay and think that might have been a mistake, for two reasons.

I want to use it on my tablet but due to some errors with another ebay auction for an …

Does Writeboard need to credit Wiki teechnology?

Update: I had not seen this before, but Rick’s article Geeks and the Technology Feedback Filterwonderfully ‘enriches’ my article with the user’ point of view. And I like the Jason idea *g*.

Hint: If you like any of my …

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Interview with David Allen

Ben Hammersley not only has a new shiny look for his website, but today also the frontpage of The Guardian new Business Sense section with an interview with “Getting things done” guru David Allen.

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Whirpool may be podcasting, but needs a better contact form

I read on Charlene Li’s blog about Whirlpool podcasting and saw, that they use the wrong link for iPodder.

As I like and use the ipodder lemon version, I thought, I leave them a mail about that.

Turns out, …

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Putting your mail online.

Jeremy is going to try Gmail and the new Yahoo for the next day due to a ‘cleansing’ laptop death. On which I commented:

There have been Webclients ever since, but none of them really got me into it because

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Easy enough to be used by a mom

Mena Trott reports about their presentation at Demo of Project Comet, which looks really interesting. But she asks a quetion:

Why do we think moms are so stupid? I ask this because of that “It’s easy enough for my mom

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Safe and sound.

After being “Stranded in Stansted” without money on thursday, some sight seeing on friday, Podcastcon UK on saturday, some mind boggeling talks on sunday, I am back safe and sound.

But as especially sunday has started some thoughts and reactions, …