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Conference blogging

I just wanted to have one blog post directly from the conference.
Everything fine here, wifi is a bit slow but everything else seems interesting.

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ctbk podcast #07: pod lawyer Paul Nicholls

In this episode for the podcast conference in London I bring you Podcast-Paul. A lawyer, but still a nice guy. :)

Download podcast (19 MB / 32:40 min)

Intro taken of “come see about me” by the british band

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ctbk #06: Natural gardening podcast with Heather Gorringe

(more expanded links later)
Heather Gorringe of from Wiggly Wigglers is a to-be podcaster about the topic of natural gardening – and a bath listener too! And I think it is great that she comes to London. :)

Download podcast

Loic goes podcasting amd is podcasting not a social software tool?

Yes, he has tried a bit in french, but then again is that really podcasting? ;)))

Conversation with Robert Scoble 1/2
Conversation with Robert Scoble 2/2

A feed is available too and perhaps we now can learn from him what …

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ctbk #05: Ben Metcalfe

Literally seconds before I was going to upload the file, my DSL connection broke – I was a bit in panic because I thought “oh what if it is your side and not fixed tomorow? you have more files to …

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ctbk #04 – Ewan Spence

In this fourth podcast of the podcast con uk coverage, I interview Ewan Spence.

General stuff:

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Daily working with my Lenovo thinkpad x41

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Some of you have asked how working wit my lil tablet is. A short update on my Lenovo X41 experiences about …

ctbk #03: Alistar Shrimpton of Sixapart

My guest today is Alistair Shrimpton, Business Dev. Manager UK for Sixapart.

Download podcast (10.8 MB / 18:33 min)

We talk about why a “blogging company” comes to the podcast con, about the new podcasting feature of Typepad and …

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Citizen of the Net – across media

Meet some more marketing guys in Across the Sounds:

Each week marketing gurus Joseph Jaffe and Steve Rubel discuss the world of new marketing, media and PR on the Across the Sound podcast.

I have not heard through it …

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ctbk #2: Lloyd Davis

Today I talk to Lloyd Davis from Perfect Path, who is maybe the one britcaster I am most familiar with, be it from his Perfect Path blog and podcast or his participation on all of the geek dinner stuff

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