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The next two podcasts …

Just to let you in on the upcoming two editions for podcastcon UK: Lloyd Davis from perfect path with some challenging thoughts about why not to follow the mainstream with podcasting and Alistair Shrimpton talking about Sixapart UK’s new podcasting …

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Amazing online template editor

Local webeditors are a thing of the past. Go take a look at Movable Type Style Generator and play around a bit with it.

It is just fun and amazing. And I don’t even use MT. :)

Okay, the css …

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Things we need in the new communication world …

are things, which are so many years old.

I (of course) check my own feeds in my bloglines account and noticed some very strange wrong things there – which will bring me to repost the last article. I messed up …

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When is a business podcast a business podcast?

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I was just reading “Oracle to Podcast from Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2005“.

The Oracle OpenWorld podcasts will deliver news and information about each daily

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Podcastcon: Coverage-Page

As requested by a single nice brit podcaster, there is now a page with more information about how to search for new posts on the podcast con.

The Technorati link for this is (mind the spelling) as I was …

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Lil’ Skypies – write Skype name per plugin?

While we are on the “Nicole asks and might get some cool answers” trip (thanks for the tips so far!), you might have noticed more and more people rebelling because of the missing message of the day feature of Skype. …

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Trackback – dead or not.

I would have commented on “Trackback is Dead“, but Jeremy’s server says “You don’t have permission to access /mt/mt-comments.cgi on this server.” to me. So let’s try a trackback on a trackback discussion post :)

Is trackback dead? …

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Can I please have the new folder button back?

Marc Orchant over at downloadsquad has a nice tool for the Explorer “Folder Size solve a big Windows annoyance“.

Wonderful. Now, could you also please dig out something which brings back the ‘add new folder’ button to the …

Podcast with Neville Hobson

Let’s kick off the the Podcastcon UK pre-conference podcast! :) [Subscribe to the feed]

Who would like to be next? The wiki lists a lot of interesting people!:) Mail me via the contact form or use neezee on …

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Can Gizmo chat?

Russel Shaw talks about on the UI of Skype and Gizmo and says:

But Gizmo Project’s softphone already comes with some of the bells and whistles that you have to add to Skype. One-button call record, call mapping, voice mail,