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Fun with your tablet

James Kendrick and I where chatting about lil’ tablets out in the wild:

If you want to really impress people turn the slate upside down, shake vigorously, and then turn it back over.

Tell them it clears the screen (like

Skype ink – chatting with ink, why not?

Having a bit of sommer flu at the moment, I felt really good reaching out to my tablet, switching it on and using the wifi and some handwriting to make a blogpost about it. Bear with me, the showing off …

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My first steps with Onenote

Summary: Little things count. If you make a time limited test version, don’t piss me of by demanding a direct internet registration to unlock the beta! Things like this will just speed up the process of me joining the lines …

Tip: Use Technorati tags with spaces on multi words

I just noticed, that there is no need to include double versions with and without spaces for technorati – like for example and . It is sufficient (and better) to use the tag with multiple words with …

Get advice directly from the gurus

James and Marc made a great sunday afternoon for me with having me on their TabletPC show – it is always great to have experts at hand and it lead to several good links from them! :)

I still have …

Cute Blaupunkt commercial

Didn’t I just mention that I love good advertisement? Try Bunny and Benny as an example. You can take look at this commercial of a cute bear and cute rabbit.

I have just played this commercial 7 times and will …

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Let me be your customer!

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Rachel asks “TV Ads are dead?” and references Hugh’s multi-billion dollar suicide pact between clients and television to state:

But its not going

IBM Investor Relation to offer podcast

Very cool. Seems as if I am should not only support IBM by just purchasing a Thinkpad (at least it will be saying IBM on the label), but also should buy stock of them. Because they do clever things.

And …

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Would you like a new speaker?

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See, I do read my comments first to my blogroll ;) Thanks to Lloyd for the link:
After the discussions about “where are the women speakers?”, Mary Hodder has taken action of launching a Speaker’s

One sentence that made me buy the tablet at *that* shop

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As people in my on- and offline surrounding probably can tell, I have been in the mood for shopping a tablet since some months. Since reboot, I just tried harder …