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No, I don’t need to log in to comment

If you have a blog, and you restrict access to your comments, that is okay. If you want me to log in or register as a user before I comment, that is fine too. We all have problems with comment …

You don’t need them, but they need you: It is their content, but it is your money.

The industry wants to make money (as they should) and a country wants to protect its citizens. All noble causes except over the last years we have seen an unhealthy development in these areas, and we need to make sure,

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The one that blocks all the schmutz.

You got to go and read the story about Blake Ross’ grandfather and Firefox – a rabbi is involved too! :))

This is how you do real ‘marketing by family’!

btw, my mother and my aunt both call the firefox …

Roof advertisements

Pedro has a clever suggestion for taking advantages of the new map services: Roof advertisement.

For instance while seeing the satellite images around my place, I noticed some pretty big structures (super malls, markets, empty parking lots, etc.) with pure

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Programm for Outlook and get a Porsche

Well, at least if you are the first to solve Rick’s problem of an annoying glitch in Outlook. Because he figures – as I assume correctly:

So, I will resort to the thing I know works: Greed.

The first MSFT

Some video coverage of reboot

Raymond has done a very fine job of presenting his video segments and share them in one post. I am tempted to download them all for later viewing, and am quite astonished on how good the camera worked. Little toys …

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Conference notes, the new way

Peter Rukavina has posted a new kind of conference notes – handwritten, scanned, flickered and then marked with notes :)…

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Join the Hive, earn some points and win some prices.

No, no new jump’n’run game, but another Microsoft ‘game’ for prices might lead to that impression. First ‘Blog your way to PDC‘, now the Hive with ‘sweet stuff‘:

You’ll receive points when:

  • You post messages and
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Interview Loic Lemeur

Welcome to the first post conference podcast. :)

Enjoy Loic Lemeur and his after thoughs. (If you missed him, that was the always smiling tall french guy.

Download podcast (26 MB / 46 min)

The information for the show and …

Malthe Sigurdsson’s presentation

Audio files from the conference are coming in, Stuart Henshall posted at the Skypejournal – of course – the presentation from Malthe.

And Malthe did post on the Skype blog about it, including a link to his presentation.…

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