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Things start to happen

Today felt for me a bit like the reboot spirit is already slipping through my fingers, but then a mail popped out of my mailbox from Max Niederhofer about the “European Internet Project“, founded after reboot7:

At reboot,

Gnomedex visitors get gift bags.

The other conference besides reboot I would have loved to attend is Gnomedex – but just to hop over the pond is a bit expensive.

Even though I believe it will be as much of a killer conference as reboot …

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reboot: First audio files from Saturday are available

As I found out through wandering at, not only Doug Engelbart is available, but also some files for Saturday as of the following from Hall A:

  1. Cory Doctorow
  2. Christian Lindholm and qa
  3. Chris Heathcote
  4. Tor Noerretranders
  5. Doug Bowman

Doug Engelbart video / audio available

As the reboot wiki has still some hickups, I wanted to make sure, everybody gets what he is waiting for :) If you have not seen the demo – do so. It is absolutly worth it. Special bonus was the …

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New Skype developer zone

Lenn is giving some updates of what he will be doing at Skype and offers information and links to the new Skype Developer Zone site: Skype Developer Zone, Commercial Use API and new API Use Guidelines, and Extras

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Loic Lemeur tells us to go back to our countries and distribute our knowledge.

This article had another title before, but due to it’s ‘success’ in ranking for Google I have changed the title of the blogentry. Imagine this entry written with a lot of smileys when I talk about ‘hating’ him. It is

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Little yellow men!

Looks like Scoble has put some of those cuties in his luggage – just let’s hope that there are some left for tomorow!
channel 9 guy

See more of the geek dinner photos

(foto by cybaea, via Heiko)…

Want to go to a conference but can’t afford to?

Well, if you would like to attend PDC but want MS to pick up the tab, here is your chance. Go over to Jeff Sandquist’s blog and take a look at all the interesting stuff they do around the conference …

reboot podcast #07 РMartin R̦ll

Todays guest is Martin Röll (reboot profile) and his talk will be about “How will we
work in the future: From Distributed KM to the Future of Knowledge Work

While this sounds very dry in theory, …

That’s the spirit! :)

Rick Segal on why he is going to reboot:

I’m coming to Reboot as it’s the best place on the planet to show off my new Gapingvoid T-Shirt.

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