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Voicemailbox is up :o)

The solution for all of you wondering how to record a short snippet for the pre conference podcast: If you have skype, you can now leave me a voicemail!

Just give my answering machine a click under nicole.simon


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reboot podcast #2: Ben Hammersley

In this podcast, I had the pleasure of talking to Ben Hammersley Ben is one of the speakers and while at first the topic seemed ‘okay’, I am now very interested in his presentation on why blogging is more than …

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If content is king …

If content is king, perhaps relationship is the emporer?

The web of content and connections inbetween, forming relationships, show us so much more, then just content.…

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I can’t help but do it

Sometimes it needs another person stating the obvious so we recognize ‘the truth’. In this case it is John January from the American Copywriter podcast on their blog about creativity. He beginns with

So, we’ve been talking lately about the

reboot podcast #1

The first, inofficial, pre-conference podcast for reboot 7.0 in June in Copenhagen! :)

Hear me and Thomas talk about what is reboot, size of the venue + programm, possible recordings in video and audio, what you should bring to …


you are not supposed to be here looking! :o)

I will take this site live, because somehow it is the only place where I can set up fast a special podacst so it does not interfere with the rest of …