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Intro Reboot 10 interview series

Yes, it is this time of the year again!
An introduction for this years series of reboot interviews with some ideas for new visitors as well.

Download MP3 (12:30 min, 7,3 MB)

Shownotes (did I miss something? add in the …

Awesome: Windows Live Writer gets auto linking

Windows Live Writer gets automated linking, how to fake import and export of those and some links to useful plugins.

Have you ever restrained yourself not to mention a person or company in a blog post because you did not …

The open skype chat for the Euro 2008

In order not to totally ruin twitter during the Euro 2008 championship (soccer if you must ask …) we do have an open, english skype chatroom which mostly will be populated during the games. :)

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Are you a groupie or can you get a backstage pass?

Are you a rock star a groupie or a back stage badge holder in this game of social media?

Andraz Tori was one of the cool Slovenian entrepreneurs I met at Webstart in Zagreb the other week. (His company Zemanta

Benefits of installing the Friendfeed Facebook application

Most of the times I do not bother installing facebook apps of services I am using because they have the tendency to do ‘more’ stuff than the original intent. Also I try to be very careful about what I do …

It takes two to tango: Why IT will strike back.

The phrase of ‘power to the people’ and ‘you don’t need to deal with IT’ always sends chills down my spine about the implied ignorance and misconception of how enterprise function. And the stupidity of these startups / companies in …

Identity Camp, Bremen 6-7th of June

People interested in privacy and data protection in Germany seem to be much more likely to be open to english / international than other areas in Germany, so it comes at no surprise that the Identitycamp in Bremen is setup …

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Friendfeed, not so clever

Some people think friendfeed is great. And they think of themselves this way:

At FriendFeed, our goal is to make content on the Web more relevant and discoverable using a combination of social mechanisms and innovative technology. This is

My SXSW cheat sheet (or: the madness that is SXSWi)

While I am going through all kind of information I though I list them for you as well … Some of these you should put directly in your phone book or save them as a document on your mobile phone. …

Looking for current advise on how to stay mobile in the US

Asking for advise for which prepaid card or other option to get; while the questions seems specific to me, other international visitors will appreciate your answers as well, especially since the T-Mobile prepaid does block premium SMS = twitter.

I …