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Twitter to monetize by credit based system?

Is Twitter going to set up a credit based system for sending / receiving messages? A screen I saw the other day suggests so. It was from my mobile, so I did not react in time to make a copy, …

A mentoring program for fresh, aspiring speakers anyone?

Yes, it is this time of the year again. More female speakers, etc, but bear with me, there is a new twist to it. And some questions at the bottom plus a suggestion where you actually should start using your …

How To Prepare For A Pitch With A Sparring Partner

This article is a result of a question from the Global Business Women forum about advise and tips for preparing a new venture presentation to a bank, but should be usable for any kind of prepping for presentation.

With any …

2 Euros for a conference or Why you should be careful about language settings

When you want to do business with ‘international’ or have an application used by others than just in your language realm, it is not about translating everything for example to German but about the small details which one frequently does

Dear DLD Lufthansa Technology Forum … if you ask for participation, you should publish it as well …

Heiko pinged me shortly after posting and we are trying to find out, where in the system the posting got lost. If everything fails, I will make a printout ;)

The problem: you can’t see that from the outside and …

Upcoming conferences in Germany with international audience

If you heard me rant in the past, I am happy to announce that those German’s are slowly getting there. ;)

Three very different events, but all of them “want” international speakers and attendees.

If you plan to attend the …

Why I want you to come to Europe and especially to Germany

It now has been nearly 5 years that I discovered this blogging thing (after wondering where the hell everybody had gone from Usenet), and it was my start into the English sphere after a “decade of denial”. Though I started …

Good Webconference software commercial

I am currently looking into a reliable and useful solution for a webconference / remote desktop software and while going through some search engine results, I came across this ironic but working commercial.

The Webinar Blog writes:

I just saw

The Blog Council is a good idea – the enterprise HAS different needs than small business and Joe Blogger

This cought my eye this morning: A blog council made for enterprise sized corporations, to share and learn. As expected, the blogosphere is all over the clueless corporations again, though missing the point behind it. I welcome this step, but

Pro IP, what a stupid idea

Jeremy Toeman in A note to Nancy Pelosi regarding the PRO IP act

Historically, Congress never used to side with major media companies. Throughout the 20th century, our leaders addressed new issues based on the wants and needs of the