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Why you pay a consultant “Schmerzensgeld”

Part of being paid as a consultant is getting “Schmerzensgeld” – money for getting clients to the point they need before the real work can start. Fighting certain fights over and over again, in hope that one day you get …

Part 1: Prepare your Presdo Match profile for #Leweb

leweb-2010[Part 2 is about which information to prepare going to Paris]You probably already saw some mails from Presdo Match about somebody “liking you”. It is worth paying more attention to this and make use of its features.  I suggest …

How To Set Up The Vanity Url For Your Facebook Fan Page

In addition to “Friends help Friends: Get more than 100 fans for your Facebook Fan page” I got some questions about how to get the special url up and running. Thus, a quick how-to.

Step 1: Plan your