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Guy Dickinson – Reboot 10 interview

[Preliminary shownotes as I am on the road today but wanted to put this quickly online as the file did not need much editing. ;) Proper context will follow this evening.]

This is the interview with Guy Dickinson, who will …

Martin Ludvigsen – Reboot 10 interview

Martin Ludvigsen is an interaction designer with a special interest in the physical space where we live our ordinary lives.

In his talk he wants us to rethink the user: “Design for the collective user’s experience“, meaning instead …

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Anne van Kesteren – Reboot 10 interview

Anne van Kesteren works for Opera on web standards and will talk at reboot about “Keeping the Web Free“.

The proposal consisted of one sentence “A talk about the recent advancements in Web browsers and Web standards to …

Peter Rukavina – Reboot 10 interview

Peter Rukavina finds himself exteending his time in Copenhagen every reboot he attends – which makes sense, because it is a long way from Canada. His ventures pay off for us, because he discovered the great Sim card deal at

Claus Dahl – Reboot 10 interview

Picture by Duncan Davidson

Claus Dahl is a software developper from Kopenhagen and would like to hear sounds from you. Well more he wants us to make / have a Sine Wave concert!

“You can add yourself to something …

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Flemming Funch – Reboot 10 interview

Flemming Funch is Danish, lived for 18 years in California and now runs a software company in France. He likes to talk about philosophical / technical issues and looks like a Musketeer. A strange, but interesting combination. ;)

Visit his …

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Reboot 10 interview: David Weinberger

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Intro Reboot 10 interview series

Yes, it is this time of the year again!
An introduction for this years series of reboot interviews with some ideas for new visitors as well.

Download MP3 (12:30 min, 7,3 MB)

Shownotes (did I miss something? add in the …


(you can stop unsubscribing now *g*)

My interview series for reboot is now finished (at least for this year) and I will return to ‘normal’ mode here. I am now going to fall into bed after I spend too much …

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Reboot 9: Fred Oliveira

Fred Oliveira is the founder of webreakstuff, a design consultancy, and will present “Geography – Dealing with distance in a time when global is key

Fred and I talk about:

  • his experience of living in the bay area
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