Change of timezones, climates and airline air condition – BAAAD


Why does one have a week of holiday after a 2 week trip to the US?

Well, to recover from the sudden flu which hits you when you change from (cold, but from my point of view warm) South Californa to -19 degree celsius in Germany. *grrrr*

I had a lot on my list what I wanted to do, but I kind of ‘woke up’ again yesterday after going to bed right after I arrived here. So yes, everything should be fine again, I can start again uploading the fotos (and give them names) and all the other stuff like writing nice thank you emails, updating contacts, catch up my feeds … *sigh*

As you can probably tell, I am kind of frustrated by this, I really looked forward to this week to get stuff done. :((

In short, for the waiting audience: I am not ready to call the trip to the US fun and successful, but it was definetly an experience. At least I have a lot of photos! :) I will give you an notice as soon as the fotos are updated with descriptions. :)


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