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Meet some more marketing guys in Across the Sounds:

Each week marketing gurus Joseph Jaffe and Steve Rubel discuss the world of new marketing, media and PR on the Across the Sound podcast.

I have not heard through it all, but given the content we get from Steve’s blog, I expect more of what I like about this medium: Taking part in hopefully interesting and smart conversations. Where I can learn, and broaden my mind.

While I am disappointed by the starting music (we did not only hear it on a podcast, but everywhere …), the reason for this posting is not the actual content, but something they said: both talked naturally about the podcast being a completion to their blog. Neville and Shel have done so also, but it was this special time, I noticed it so strongly. Those are just tools. Very powerful ones, but ‘passive’ tools (IM and Voip also belong into this mix). We have to fill them with life.

I like their attitude / understanding, because I am tired of argumenting. “I don’t read your blog, why wasn’t it in your podacst? Oh, you have more than one, I don’t read more than one of a person.” Blogging, writing articles, podcasting, phone call? Whatever tool is right for the job – or feels right for it. This text for example felt like text and not podcast and does in fact keep me of finishing the next episode for the podcastcon uk podcast. It felt like writing now, and it felt like writing it in English. (Which tells me a lot about who I expect to read my German and my English blog. Hm.)

I never called myself an early adopter because it feels like showing off to me. But when I think about it, I have to be one. Connecting on the net, and using tools always was easy for me and felt natural. There are many things I don’t like to do, but can do far better than others. (To be fair: There are many things others can do far better than me.) Podcasting, or let’s better say the people, knowledge and conversations coming with it, boosted the feeling of being a fish in the water to a never before reached level for me.

Today, I read, hear and see more from so many different people, than ever before in my life. What they talk about, their thoughts, discussions, everything they offer me. I am connected in my part of the net, and if I am outside that net, I am not an internet addict. I am not longing for getting back to my computer, skype, mail programm, whatever. I am longing to get back into this net. There are many people out there not understanding this difference.

I am not just a user of X, podcaster or blogger, I am a citizen of the Net, using its infrastructure and tools wisely and with knowledge.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. :)

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