Coca Cola: Show the happy side of the Olympics.


Alex Williams writes about the bloggers paid by Coca Cola:

Coca Cola is sending bloggers and podcasters to the Olympics. I wonder if these blogs will be worth reading. Why make such a point that these people will only have positive things to say? Do they not trust these college students to just post their own impressions of the Olympics? Won’t this just make these posts a bit too fuzzy?

I am not sure if this should be a bad idea as long as they don’t overdo it in the sense of making me as reader feel bad.

Showing positives sides especially on the spirit of the Olympics is not bad per default. Like sharing all those happy moments of winners – instead of covering all those deliveries to a hospital because the alpine racers managed to crash into that safety net again.

We are all so much involved in reporting about negative sides of things (yes, guilty here too) that from time to time it may be nice just to write about fun stuff.

And if you really think about it: If you want to go for articles especially on Olympics, chances are you will want exactly those heartbreaking moments of that special joy of the Olympic Games.

So if you want to read happy postings, go to .

Being happy postings or not – some more postings would be nice, to really catch more of a feeling from those events. Perhaps Coca Cola or other sponsors have an interest in having more pro bloggers on the scene so they can do more videocast, podcast, photos – and blog entries?

Hm. 2008 in Peking anyone? :)

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