Come to Pitchcamp at Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin


During Web 2.0 Expo Europe a Pitchcamp will be hosted on Oct 21st, the Workshop day. Bringing together VCs and relevant media people the attendees of the workshop can learn more from how that world works or not. Selected startups will receive one on one coaching during it, apply now if you are interested.

For me personally, one of the most exiting parts of the expo is how it brings together so many different areas and groups of people. And although Berlin really is a melting pot and a hot city to be in (met several people who told me they are moving to Berlin because of it), not only Berlin but Europe has the problem of getting more in touch with VC and alike. Meaning not that it is hard to get in touch but it is harder to build a personal relationship and develop over time a rapport.

Not that Pitchcamp will change that alltogether, but if you ever wanted to know how those VCs tick and how media people of popular techblogs react, Pitchcamp might be something for you. Robert Goldberg (Crossroads Ventures) and Ted Shelton (The Conversation Group) are playing hosts for a very intruiging three hour workshop during the Web 2.0 Expo Europe.

The official description says

Have you ever wondered how to impress an inscrutable Venture Capitalist, convince a doubting journalist or perfect the guaranteed door opener for a partner? Then this workshop is for you. Learn the inside scoop on how VC’s, corporate partners and journalists think. Hear tips on how you can compellingly explain your business to each audience—whether it’s raising money, trying to close partnerships, or getting attention from the media.

Watch as fellow entrepreneurs develop concise, and unique value propositions that generate fever and excitement in their markets. And personally participate with industry experts to find the best ways to position and pitch YOUR company.

But that is only part of what this is going to be about, read what Ted writes on his blog about it:

Pitch Camp! Or how much fun can we have in Berlin?
Are you coming to Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin at the end of the month? If you are, please join Robert Goldberg and I for our October 21st workshop on how to improve the way you tell your company’s story to VCs, partners, and the media. Here is the link to the official session description where you will see the great lineup of folks at our panel:

  • Mike Butcher – European Editor TechCrunch
  • Toby Copel – Managing Director of Europe, Yahoo!
  • Matt Marshall – Managing Editor and CEO, Venture Beat
  • Mehrdad Piroozram – Managing Partner, iSteps Widget Ventures
  • Reshma Sohoni – CEO, Seedcamp
  • Adam Valkin – Head of Digital Media and New Business, Endemol
  • Yossi Vardi – Investor and Entrepreneur

Sorry for yelling :-) Robert and I are looking for 8-12 startups that want to participate in the camp as the example companies (anyone can come and participate as an attendee of Web 2.0 Expo). These participating companies get

  1. one-on-one coaching by one of our panelists
  2. special prizes for participating and even better prizes for being the best
  3. oh, and you’ll probably improve the way you tell your story to VCs, partners, and the media!

Send an email to Robert — robert(at)crossroadsvc(dot)com — if you want to be one of the companies.

See you in Berlin!

There is also a Facebook event listing for it. Even if you are not one of the selected startups, I am sure this will prove to be valuable for all entrepreneurs to listen to this group, as it is very focussed on giving practical advise. (I think the english term is directly from the lions mouth? )

How to attend
If you like to join this, you will need a ticket for the workshop day (see the overview of tickets here). If you already purchased a conference only ticket and now would like to add the workshop day, you can ping them (see mail at the bottom of that pricing page).

I am not sure why, but it always seems as if the information about what ticket you need to attend the conference and or the workshop is confusing. Which i find irritating because for everybody in the business of having a tech startup they should be able to process information given in a table overview like that. ;o) So let me put that again differently:

  • you only want to meet people on site, have fun and hang out! Means you want to attend the expo hall and the keynotes: choose Expo Hall Only
  • you only want to attend the workshop day f.e. for Pitchcamp: choose Workshops Day Only
  • you want to go to the conference and to the workshops: choose Conference Plus Workshops
  • you do not want to go to the workshops but to the conference programme: choose Conference Only

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