If you want to contact me for my German Twitter book, please use the contact form at

Would like to stay in contact with me or leave me a message? Great! There are different ways to do so.

Mail If you want to contact me otherwise you can use mailnicolesimon

Tip: I rather use normal mail than any of the other platforms services!

Contact information

The following are my profiles on SNS which I actually use.

Please note that for Xing and Linkedin I only connect with people I have met previously and established a relationship with, and that I am not seeking new connections for the sake of growing my network. I want to be able to represent who you are and what you do when I am asked to forward a request. The others are less tight for me.

My users on social networks and alike

  • Twittering: Though I have distinguished twitters by language, the english NicoleSImon is my main twitter account. I use @nicolede for stuff only relevant in German. I tend to write more when I am on the road and have cheap enough network access. As I am following a lot of people, I do pay attention to my ego searches.

  • The friendfeed account will give you the best impression of my "publishing" activity.
  • StumbleUpon My StumbleUpon Page
  • Seldomly used: Sphinn and Mixx, Digg! Digg and Netscape 

If you do not find the ones you where looking for – chances are I am a user as I love to test out stuff. ;)

Skype / IM

I use Skype as my primary instant messaging system, where you can find me under nicole.simon. (If you ask for authorisation, please include a reason, otherwise if I do not recognize you, you will be blocked.)

In case of IRC you will find me as _neezee or nixande when I am on Effnet. From time to time i do use other IM systems, on which I do have users but do not start them very often.