ctbk #03: Alistar Shrimpton of Sixapart


My guest today is Alistair Shrimpton, Business Dev. Manager UK for Sixapart.

Download podcast (10.8 MB / 18:33 min)

We talk about why a “blogging company” comes to the podcast con, about the new podcasting feature of Typepad and why it is interesting for them as a company to keep an eye on these new technologies.

He also seems really excited about podcasting: “Six months ago the whole approach was rather clumsy, but now there are simpler methods. I am looking forward of what happens in 12 months.” Of course I had to ask the ‘continental question’ again ;o) and we finish with Sixapart and possible connections to media companies.

Additional links:
Alistair’s personal blog

Read more about the Typepad podcasting featuers as explained by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa at EverythingTypePad.

Intro taken of “come see about me” by the british band Browser.


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