ctbk #04 – Ewan Spence


In this fourth podcast of the podcast con uk coverage, I interview Ewan Spence.

General stuff:

The interview:
I “know” Ewan Spence through the , where he co-hosts and has his own . But today I wanted to know from him, what intersting things he can tell us.

Ewan reports from his latest project, the throughout the festival. He recorded in the morning and either make people come or made them jealous; artist also where noticing the effect. As a music show host, he (of course) can report about what music podcasts do for bands.

After that, we delve into talking about podcasting, how it evolves, where it is going and why it is a many to many is one to one conversation. Enjoy the show as I did!

Download podcast (15 MB / 26:32 min)

Intro taken of “come see about me” by the british band Browser.



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