ctbk #05: Ben Metcalfe


Literally seconds before I was going to upload the file, my DSL connection broke – I was a bit in panic because I thought “oh what if it is your side and not fixed tomorow? you have more files to post!” and was making plans of going to my favorite café for uploading. But luckily this morning, everythings is working again. :)

ctbk #05 has a great audio comment from Paul S. Jenkins of the The Rev Up Review and an Interview with Ben Metcalfe.

Ben attends on behalf of the developer project backstage.bbc.co.uk project. It is about getting into conversation with the user and making content from the bbc available. His special interest in this conferece is to see how the normal user can use podcasting with the content they have available and what the BBC has to know about this sphere to stay ahead.

What really is fascinating about this whole project is the intention of getting into the conversation with the users and develop new scenearios with the users and through the feedback.

It keeps me wondering why we in Germany don’t have such a cool equivilent. But then again …

And he has a good blog as well. :)

Download podcast (13.7 MB / 23.7 min)

Intro taken of “come see about me” by the british band Browser.



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