ctbk #06: Natural gardening podcast with Heather Gorringe


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Heather Gorringe of from Wiggly Wigglers is a to-be podcaster about the topic of natural gardening – and a bath listener too! And I think it is great that she comes to London. :)

Download podcast (8.7 MB / 14:57 min)

Intro taken of “come see about me” by the british band Browser.



One Response to “ctbk #06: Natural gardening podcast with Heather Gorringe”

  1. Podchef says:

    I listened to this epidsode of CTBK when it came out and loved it. For some reason, I didn’t drop everything and check out Wiggly Wigglers. So this week, after having forgotten about it all, I remembered hearing this interview and subscribed to them! Great show. Wouldn’t have known about them unless a German Podcaster interviewed British Gardener/podcasters for an American gardening chef to hear. Podcasting is timeless, valuable and has more value than any time-based medium I know.