ctbk #2: Lloyd Davis


Today I talk to Lloyd Davis from Perfect Path, who is maybe the one britcaster I am most familiar with, be it from his Perfect Path blog and podcast or his participation on all of the geek dinner stuff (for example girl geek dinner).

He describes himself this way:

I have a knowledge management practice based in London, UK and specialise in helping people be brilliant in the knowledge economy. I spend most of my time in interim management, mentoring and in running workshops and strategic awaydays for teams. I’m currently talking to people about how to use weblogs, wikis, podcasts and really simple syndication (RSS) both inside and across the firewall.


Topics discusses:

  • reasons not to go to the conference ;)
  • how Perfect Path went podcasting, we go into
  • the london bombing podcast
  • choosing the right tool for the audience’s attention
  • the difference of speaking and talking
  • how podcasting can make something “boring” interesting
  • Lloyd wants to see new, creative ways to use podcasting

Download podcast (23 MB / 39:45 min)

Also, I got a great audio comment by John Buckley from Dissident Vox. When do you leave your audio comment? :) (See the contact details on how to reach me.)

And I promise, the next one is shorter, the interview only about 15 minutes. ;)

Tune “come see about me” by the british band Browser.



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