Dating a geek is fun – for a women who is not one …


Of the persons I met last year, one couple does stand out. I am very very happy to got to know the Scobles. I have been a reader of Robert before, but since his wife Maryam started blogging, I love hers. I absolutly do. If you have not subscribed to her, do so.

Her latest post on “In Defense of Geeks or Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek” is again a must read (and don’t forget to read Robert’s answer), but brought me to a point where I say: This is working for a girl who dates a geek who herself is not a geek.

So while it is great to date a geek when you are not one with all the benefits, it is not as easy if you are too a geek. Like me. One could assume, that I even score ‘higher’ for a geek than a non geek woman – he even can talk to me about the stuff and I don’t need to pretend that I am interested or do understand what he says, because I do.

And when going to bok a hotel, we do have the same expectations “great view? Nice. Wifi? Must have”. And if there is a room with a computer in it, chances are, that I am occupying this already – you will have to take Angelina *g* And that powerplug is also mine!

So that should be easy? No. Because I have different expectations of a partner. For me, it is not enough if you are a geek too – you need to be the right geek. I expect from you the same level if not more in knowledge of technology. Of course, you have to have a blog and it would help if you have a podcast too – and you do need to have a good voice. And many more things to consider. Hm – I am not sure if i want to date a guy who uses IE as his browser *g*

On a second thought – being a geek myself, I of course have my own computer and don’t have to face the fact that my husband will not give me his so I can blog, right Maryam? You will need your own latest til blogher! ;)

Update: Tara has some great additions “ Maryam, there are plenty more reasons to date geeks…


2 Responses to “Dating a geek is fun – for a women who is not one …”

  1. Megan says:

    I think it’s nice your giving quote”geeks a chance” but please were people. I have aspergers syndrome and I bet some of the other males do too. I don’t act a certain way on purpose I was born that way. When women carelessly toss the sterotype geek around in a shallow way without getting the whole picture it bothers me. We are people not a selection of dog breeds to choose from.
    But please be more thoughtful social stuff is hard for us minoritys it includes sturcture where and when to say that. It’s not easy.

  2. Jack says:

    Yeah browser choice is a dead giveaway for Geeks. Anyone using IE cannot possibly be a geek.